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Free calls within my company?

The answer is yes.

  • Device at zero upfront.
  • Flexible data and voice add-ons.
  • Included national and international minutes.
  • Included national and international SMS.
  • 100% Business Calling Circle discount.
  • Included national data.
  • Selection of four plans.
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Business Mobile Plan

Seamless and cost-efficient communication is integral to the success of your business, which is why we set out to create a simple plan that would ensure uninterrupted communication and optimum cost-savings. Our Business Mobile Plan proves itself as our most popular plan for this very reason, offering free calls with your colleagues and flexible add-ons to meet all your day-to-day business requirements.

Choose your plan

Select one of our four base plans, and then choose from a variety of data and voice add-ons to meet all your day-to-day business requirements.


Business Mobile Plan 100

Business Mobile Plan 200

Business Mobile Plan 250

Business Mobile Plan 450

National minutes

130 minutes

800 minutes

360 minutes

630 minutes

International minutes

130 minutes


360 minutes

630 minutes

National SMS

65 SMS

200 SMS

180 SMS

315 SMS

International SMS 65 SMS NA 180 SMS 315 SMS
Business Calling Circle minutes
130 minutes
200 minutes
360 minutes 630 minutes
Data 500 MB 5 GB 1 GB 2 GB
Monthly fee AED 100 AED 200 AED 250 AED 450

- Activation fee of AED 55 applies.
- Business Mobile Plan has a minimum 12-month contract. Early termination fees apply.



  • 50
    Minutes Packs

    • National minutes 200
    • Monthly fee* AED 50
  • 100
    Minutes Pack

    • National minutes 420
    • Monthly fee* AED 100
  • 200
    Minutes Pack

    • National minutes 900
    • Monthly fee* AED 200
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  • 1 GB
    Data Pack

    • National data* 1 GB
    • Monthly AED 60
  • 5 GB
    Data Pack

    • National data* 5 GB
    • Monthly AED 140
  • 10 GB
    Data Pack

    • National data* 10 GB
    • Monthly AED 200
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  • 25
    Business Calling Circle Pack

    • Business Calling Circle minutes 100
    • Monthly AED 25
  • 50
    Business Calling Circle Pack

    • Business Calling Circle minutes 300
    • Monthly AED 50
  • 75
    Business Calling Circle Pack

    • Business Calling Circle minutes 500
    • Monthly AED 75
  • 100
    Business Calling Circle Pack

    • Business Calling Circle minutes 1000
    • Monthly AED 100
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  • 15
    SMS Pack

    • National SMS 100
    • Monthly AED 15
  • 40
    SMS Pack

    • National SMS 300
    • Monthly AED 40
  • 60
    SMS Pack

    • National SMS 500
    • Monthly AED 60
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*Data Packs and National Minutes Packs have a minimum subscription period of 12 months. Early termination fees apply.
Documents required
  • An application form signed by Authorised Signatory 
  • A copy of current Trade Licence
  • A copy of your company sponsor’s or Authorised Signatory's passport with visa page
  • A copy of your Establishment Card
  • A power of attorney document or letter of authorisation will be required if applicant is not the owner defined on the Trade Licence
Where to buy
  • Call 800 188
  • Contact your account manager/indirect partners
  • Visit us in any of our shops
  1. How many lines can I buy?
  2. If you have subscribed to Business Mobile Plan 100 and higher you have the option to buy only one line if you wish.
  3. Do I have to sign up for a minimum contract period for Business Mobile Plans?
  4. Yes; Business Mobile Plans have a minimum 12 month contract. One month before the contract ends you’ll receive a contract expiry notification. Your contract is renewed automatically, however if you wish to cancel you’ll have a one month grace period to cancel any contractual obligations.
  5. Can I terminate any of my lines?
  6. Yes, but please note this plan has a minimum 12 month contract. Therefore, you’ll be charged a termination fee equal to one monthly fee of your plan for each line that is terminated.
  7. What if I want to upgrade my plan?
  8. You can upgrade at any time during your contract period without penelty, however in the case of downgrades termination fees will apply will apply.
  9. Can I switch from my existing plan to the new Business Mobile Plan?
  10. Yes; you can easily switch to our new Business Mobile Plans at no additional charge, however if there’s a contractual obligation on your previous line you’ll need to clear any outstanding fees before you make the switch.
  11. What are the out of bundle charges for national calls or SMS?
  12. If you finish your included benefits before the month has finished, the following tariffs will apply:
    Other servicesRate 
     National call30 fils/min
     National SMS18 fils/SMS
     International SMS60 fils/SMS
     Video calls60 fils/min
     Out of bundle CUG calls30 fils/min

    International Rates
     Business Mobile Plan 100  2.40 AED/min 
     Business Mobile Plan 200 2.20 AED/min 
     Business Mobile Plan 250 2.20 AED/min 
     Business Mobile Plan 450 1.80 AED/min