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Ramadan Kareem.

Kindness lives on.
No matter how big or small, an act of kindness stays with us for a lifetime. Our actions are all connected to each other, and it’s our responsibility to create a lasting positive impact on people around us. For this Holy Month, let’s come together once again and make a difference.

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Building on from previous years success, we’re continuing our Mawaed Al Rahman initiative with Tarahum Foundation, a UAE-based charity organisation, to pack and distribute boxes of essential ingredients to thousands of underprivileged families.

We haven’t forgotten the compassion and hard work brought by our volunteers over the past years. Their energy and dedication are major contributors to the success of this initiative.

This Ramadan, We will be holding two activities: Packing and distributing. You may choose to volunteer in either one of the two activities or both of them:

1. Packing essential food ingredients into boxes:

Date: 27 May - 15 June. 

Time: 5pm – 12 am.

Location: Ahdaaf Sports Club in Dubai, Al Quoz. Click here for the location map.

2. Distribute the boxes:

This will take place in Dubai and Northern Emirates as per the below schedule. Limited spaces are available per day, so only confirmed volunteers will be contacted with further details.

Date: 29 May - 17 of June

Time for Ras AlKhaima (RAK), Kalba, Wadi Madha: 5pm

Time for Dubai, Hatta, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm AlQuwain (UAQ): 7pm

Please note that timings are subject to change

Location/meeting point: Ahdaaf Sport Club in Dubai, Al Quoz

Your preferred activity

For the food box distribution activity, please mark your preferred dates and timings below. You will only be able to join this activity if you receive a confirmation email from us. Please note that dates and timings are subject to change.


Please agree to the following conditions:

  • You are free to participate in this activity knowing that you have no medical conditions and other reasons that would prevent you from entering this activity
  • You are participating as a volunteer. Nothing in this agreement shall render you an employee, worker, agent or partner of du or Tarahum Charity Foundation
  • Neither du nor Tarahum Charity Foundation shall have liability or hold responsibility for any illness, personal injury or damage caused to you while carrying out the activities and you agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Company from all liability, claims and demands of whatever nature which arise as a result of participating in the activities
  • Neither du nor Tarahum Charity Foundation assume any responsibility or obligation to provide you with financial or other assistance including but not limited to medical benefi¬ts or insurance of any nature
  • du may use any and all photographs, images, videos, audio recordings made in connection with the activities for marketing purposes or any other legitimate business purpose.


  • Are you holding any of the Ramadan volunteering activities in the other Emirates? 

    This year, we will be holding two volunteering activities in Ramadan: Packing and distributing. Packing essential food ingredients will take place in Ahdaaf Sports Club in Dubai. As for the distribution of these essential food ingredients, we will be focusing on distributing them in Dubai & Northern Emirates.

  • Are you providing any transport to the volunteers?

    If you are volunteering to pack the boxes, we are not providing any transport services. However, if you are confirmed for the distribution activity, we will provide transport from the Ahdaaf Sports Club to the distribution location and back to the Ahdaaf Sports Club. 

  • Am I required to volunteer for the full day? 

    No, you can volunteer for as many hours as you wish during the day. Please be mindful of the start and end time for each day. 

  • I have registered to volunteer. What now? 

    If you have registered for the box packing activity, you can show up at the Ahdaaf Sports Club on your selected dates. If you have registered for box distribution, you can only join this activity if you receive a confirmation email (this is due to the limited number of spaces available for volunteers for distribution) 

  • Do I need to print my confirmation email when I come to volunteer? 

    No, you don’t need to print your confirmation. Just show up at the Ahdaaf Sports Club and sign up at the registration desk. 

  • Can I volunteer with my team? 

    Yes, of course. We will require all the help we can. 

  • Can I volunteer with children? 

    Yes, you can volunteer with children for the box packing activity. However, please be aware that there will be some heavy lifting involved. We do not recommend bringing young children along for the box distribution activity. 

  • What can I wear during volunteering? 

    You can wear anything that is comfortable and respectful of local norms and Ramadan values. 

  • What is the process for distributing the boxes? 

    If you have been selected for the box distribution activity (you should receive a confirmation email for this), we would request that you meet us at the Ahdaaf Sports Club where we will arrange a van to take all the volunteers to the distribution location. After distributing the boxes to the families at the location, we will return to Ahdaaf Sports Club. It is OK if you are not based in Dubai and wish to join us directly at the distribution location. In this case, we will share the exact distribution location coordinated with you via WhatsApp. 

  • I am in need of aid. How can I benefit from this project? 

    If you are in need of receiving the food boxes and are based in one of the distribution locations (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, Kalba) we suggest that you send an email to our charity partner – Tarahum Charity Foundation – at