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Summer Roaming Bundles

Summer Roaming Bundle

Enjoy a stunning roaming experience.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly bundles to choose from.
  • Available to both prepaid and postpaid users.
  • Buy as many bundles as you want in a day.
  • 90+ preferred destinations.
  • 4G/LTE speeds.


Get more roaming data for your travels with Summer Roaming Bundles!


New allowance

Old allowance



AED 35 (instead of AED 50)

750 MB

100 MB

One day

SMS D to 5102 or download the du app

AED 200

2 GB

1 GB

One Week

SMS W to 5102 or download the du app

AED 500

8 GB

1 GB

One month

SMS M to 5102 or download the du app

The bundles above are available to both postpaid and prepaid customers. For prepaid customers, the daily bundle auto-renews every 24 hours.

How to get

  • Prepaid: dial *135*20# and following the instructions.
  • Postpaid: log on to du app.
  • Both prepaid and postpaid can purchase data bundles by SMS. For more info, SMS ‘data’ to 5102.

You will receive a confirmation SMS once the bundle is activated. The validity of the bundle starts upon first data usage abroad.

Once the roaming service is activated, you can select the preferred network. Click here to see our list of preferred international networks.

The payment will be deducted from your More Time credit (for prepaid customers) or added to your monthly bill (for postpaid customers).


  • Is this offer permanent?

    It’s a limited time offer. The validity of the bundles will start on the first day of data usage, even if you buy the bundles on the last day of the offer. All bundles have a 30-day grace period for activation.

  • Can I deactivate the daily bundle?

    Yes, just do any of the following:
    • Call the call centre for free at +97155 5678155 
    • SMS 'D STOP' to 5102
    • Prepaid customers can dial *135*20#

  • Do the bundles renew automatically?

    Only the daily prepaid bundles renew automatically.

  • How many bundles can I buy at once?

    For postpaid, you can get up to 5 bundles. For prepaid, you can get as many as you want. You can get another bundle even if you haven’t finished the current one.

  • What happens if I buy a bundle and don’t use it?

    You have 30 days to start using the bundle. When you travel within those 30 days, the validity of the bundle begins. After 30 days, the bundle will expire.

  • I have both the Summer Roaming Bundle and another roaming data bundle. What’s the order of consumption?

    The daily roaming bundle will be used first, followed by the weekly bundle, then the monthly bundle.

  • What do I do if I have an active roaming data bundle, but I can’t use it?

    1) Put your network settings on ‘Automatic’.
    2) Make sure your cellular/mobile data and roaming data are on.
    3) Restart your phone.
    4) If the problem persists, kindly email us at