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Start Stop Data Service

  • Enjoy mobile data for 2 fils/minute. 
  • Use data only when you want to and pay by the minute.
  • Dial *555# to start using the service. 


Enjoy unlimited data anytime for only 2 fils per minute at a maximum speed of 1 Mbps. This is ideal for browsing, using social and messaging apps, video streaming and more. 

Start Stop lets you use data and pay for the duration (time) of data usage.

Data usageFee (AED) 
First 15 minutes. 30 fils.
After 15 minutes. 2 fils/min

To subscribe, you need to have enough More Time credit or Out of Credit balance. Dial *555# and use Start Stop service now!


  • What’s the minimum charge for using Start Stop?

    There’s a minimum charge of 30 fils for the first 15 minutes of usage. After that, it will be 2 fils per minute for a maximum duration of 4 hours in one session. You can start another session after that with the same fees.

  • I’m subscribed to other data bundles. Which one will get used first?

    Start Stop will be the first thing to be used over any other data bundle. If you unsubscribe from Start Stop, existing priority of data bundle consumption will be restored.  

  • Can I use Start Stop outside of the UAE? 

    Start Stop is only available for use in the UAE. 

  • What happens if I run out of credit while using Start Stop? 

    You'll need to recharge your More Time credit or borrow credit from Out of Credit within the first 4 hours of using Start Stop. If you’re unable to do this, then you'll need to reactivate the Start Stop service again by dialling *555#.

  • What happens if I lose the connection in the middle of using Start Stop? 

    If you lose the connection within the first 15 minutes and reconnect, you still have up to 4 hours to use Start Stop.