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Flight Cashback

Recharge & get cashback to fly!

Recharge to get up to 10% flight cashback or instant telecom rewards.

  • Dial *777# to subscribe for free. 
  • Recharge with AED 20 or more.
  • Choose between flight-cashback or instant telecom rewards.


Enjoy up to 10% cashback to fly with flydubai, or redeem instant telecom rewards when you recharge your prepaid line with AED 20 or more.

After you subscribe for free, with every recharge of AED 20 or more, you’ll receive an SMS which lets you choose between receiving up to 10% cashback to fly, or instant free minutes/data/SMS. Join now to collect more flight cashback and rewards. This is a limited-time offer!

Flight cashback

Collect enough cashback for flydubai vouchers with every recharge you make: 

Recharge with AED 20 to AED 49

Recharge with AED 50 or more

5% cashback 10% cashback
To check your flight-cashback balance, dial *777#

To claim your flight-cashback balance:

  • Collect at least AED 50 in your flight cashback balance, then dial *777#.
  • You'll receive an SMS with a flydubai voucher code and a PIN code.
  • Book your ticket through flydubai’s call centre (600544445), website or stores.
  • Enter the voucher code, or present the voucher code at the time of payment. You can combine multiple flydubai voucher codes for the same flight ticket at the time of payment.
  • Enter the PIN code once you get the prompt.

Instant rewards

with every recharge of AED 20 or more!

  • We'll surprise you with one of the following instant rewards for different recharges: free data, national minutes, international minutes, flexi minutes, or SMS.
  • Receive your rewards right away.
  • To check the remaining balance of your rewards, dial *102# 

How to Subscribe

Dial *777# for free and choose option 1.


  • What is Flight cashback on Recharge offer?

    Prepaid customers will enjoy exciting rewards every time they make a recharge of AED 20 or more. You can get up to 10% cashback with every recharge to redeem against flight vouchers from flydubai, or you can choose to get free instant minutes/data/SMS, etc.

  • How do I get the rewards?

    Once you have subscribed to the offer by dialing *777#, then:
    1. Recharge with AED 20 or more
    2. You’ll receive an SMS from (5050) to which you'll have to reply to choose from the two options:
       I. Up to 10% cashback to redeem against flight vouchers from flydubai
       II. Or instant free minutes/data/SMS; we'll surprise you with different rewards for different recharges.

  • What kind of rewards do I get?

    Here’s a snapshot of the rewards:

     Recharge value

    Option 1
    Cashback to fly with flydubai 
    Option 2
    Instant surprise rewards 
     AED 20 - 49 5% One of the following:
    - Free data.
    - Free national minutes.
    - Free international minutes.
    - Free flexi minutes.
    - Free SMS.
     AED 50 or more 10%


  • Which prepaid plans are eligible for this offer?

    All Pay As You Go®, Easy Social, Extra Social, and Alo customers can get this offer. Tourist Plan and Visitor Line are excluded from this offer.

  • What kind of recharges should I make?

    You can recharge with any available recharge option including More Time, More Credit, More International, and More Data. Any amount received from One2One transfers is not eligible for this offer. 

  • Can I still make One2One transfers?

    One2One credit transfer service will be blocked when you subscribe to this offer and will remain so for 90 days after you unsubscribe or the offer ends.

  • If I subscribe to this offer, can I still enjoy benefits and bonuses from recharge cards?

    Of course. You can still enjoy all the benefits you’re entitled to with the recharge cards' options.

  • Is this an ongoing offer of limited time offer?

    This offer is valid for a limited period.

  • Can I opt-out from this offer?

    Yes, you can. Dial *777# and choose to unsubscribe. Keep in mind that if you do this, you'll lose your flight cashback balance. So, make sure you use the flight cashback balance for a flydubai voucher before unsubscribing from the offer.
    Please note even after unsubscribing from the offer, the One2One credit transfer service will not be available for 90 days.

Questions related to the flight cashback:

  • Will I get cashback with every recharge?

    Yes, once you have subscribed to the offer by dialing *777# then you can choose to get the cashback reward with every recharge of AED 20 or more.

  • Can I accumulate the cashback rewards?

    Yes, you can keep adding to your flight cashback balance until you reach maximum of AED 750 throughout the offer period.

  • For how long my flight cashback balance will be valid for?

    Your flight cashback balance will be valid until the end date of the offer.

  • How can I check my flight cashback balance?

    To check your flight cashback balance, dial *777#

  • How can I redeem my flight cashback?

    To redeem your flight cashback balance:
    • Dial *777# starting from 15/03/2017.
    • You need to have at least AED 50 to be able to redeem your flight cashback because flydubai vouchers come in three denominations: AED 50, AED 100, and AED 200.
    • Book your ticket through flydubai’s call centre (600544445), website or stores
    • Enter the voucher code, or present the voucher code at the time of payment; you can combine multiple flydubai voucher codes for the same flight ticket at the time of payment.
    • Enter the PIN code once you get the prompt

  • I lost my flydubai voucher code. Can I get a replacement from flydubai or du?

    Unfortunately, no.

  • I’m having trouble using my flydubai voucher. What should I do?

    Please call flydubai at 600544445 to get further support.

  • What are the terms and conditions for the flydubai voucher codes?

    • Vouchers expire on the date mentioned in the SMS.
    • Vouchers are valid for any flydubai destination.
    • Each voucher can be used only once.
    • Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be returned or extended.
    • Lost or stolen voucher codes will not be replaced by du or flydubai.
    • These terms and conditions may be varied or amended by du from time to time without prior notice.
    • You can only use your voucher for travel. You can’t use it to pay for items from on-board menus or duty free magazines. 

Questions related to the instant rewards:

  • Can I choose the free reward I want?

    No, we'll surprise you with different rewards for different recharges.

  • What will be the validity of the free rewards?

    Each reward has different validity and will be mentioned in the SMS that you'll receive.

  • Will the free rewards be used first or my existing credit/bundle/bonus balance?

    Your usage will be consumed from the free rewards first.

  • How do I get to know about the balance of my free rewards?

    To check the remaining balance of your free instant rewards, dial *102#.


  • Prepaid Recharge Promotion Terms

    JANUARY 2017

    All Participants in du’s Prepaid Recharge Promotion (Promotion) are subject to these terms. du reserves the right to vary, amend or withdraw these terms. du will publish these terms, and any revisions to them, on the website, at  

    1. Scope of the Promotion 
    Use of the Promotion is subject to:
    • These Terms
    • Your relevant mobile service Terms and Conditions
    • Depending on the promotion chosen by a Participant, Dubai Aviation Corporation (trading as Flydubai) terms and conditions of services may apply (available at

    2. The Organiser of the Promotion 
    2.1. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC (du), having its office at Dubai Media City, Al Salam Tower, PO Box 502666, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    3. Duration 
    3.1. The Promotion will be made available to Participants as notified by du on its website. Please check online at for more details.

    4. Who can participate in the Promotion
    4.1. The following Participants are eligible to participate in the Promotion:
    4.1.1. Natural persons (other than du employees or contractors and their close relatives and spouses), who are subscribers of: (i) du prepaid Pay As You Go plan;  (ii) Easy Social plan; (iii) Extra Social plan; and (iv) Alo(“Participants”). 
    4.1.2. du reserves the right to disqualify any Participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe such Participant has breached any provision of these terms.
    4.1.3. By participating in the Promotion, Participants hereby warrant that all information submitted is true, current and complete.

    5. Promotion terms and conditions 
    5.1. All Participants agree that that they have read, understood and accepted these terms as made available by du on the website, at
    5.2. By participating in the Promotion, each Participant provides their complete acceptance of these terms and agrees: 
    5.2.1 to receive via SMS communications from du about the Promotion; 
    5.2.2 to receive via SMS advertising offers from du or the authorised agents of du; and
    5.2.3 to receive SMS from du regarding any new offers or promotions.  
    5.3. In the event of dispute regarding these terms, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the Promotion, the decision of du shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. 
    5.4. This agreement between du and a Participant will remain in full force and effect while du is conducting the Promotion (including any temporary suspensions of the Promotion for operational reasons). 
    5.5. Eligible Participants who recharge on a participating tariff will be entitled to claim a reward. Participants can elect to claim an ‘Instant Reward’ or ‘FlyDubai Cashback Voucher’. Instant Rewards will enable a Participant to claim national or international minutes, SMS or data. The FlyDubai Cashback Voucher can be redeemed against any Flydubai destination, redeemable in accordance with the process detailed on the Promotion web page at Once redeemed by the successful Participant, FlyDubai Cashback Vouchers may be transferred.
    5.6. The voucher provided to Participants needs to be used before the end of the validity period on that voucher (or contained in the SMS voucher).
    5.7. The FlyDubai Cashback Voucher may only be redeemed towards the cost of a Flydubai air fare. du is not responsible for any other costs or charges, including but not limited to any accommodation or food expenses, or for any increase in taxes as a result of changes imposed by any relevant Government, or for any additional costs which may be imposed on Participants by Flydubai.
    5.8. Participants are responsible for all visa and travel requirements to their selected destination
    5.9. Participants should read the additional ‘frequently asked questions’ section of the Promotion website for further information about the Promotion.

    6. Limitation of liability
    6.1. If a Participant breaches any of these terms, du will not be responsible for any losses that the Participant or a third party suffers as a result.
    6.2. du accepts no responsibility in respect to technical or operational failure relating to the Promotion, including without limitation, for any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure when it is not under its direct control and execution, or for any cancelled or delayed flights. 
    6.3. du reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Promotion whenever is deemed necessary (e.g. operational reasons such as for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades). du shall endeavour to restore the Promotion as soon as possible after any temporary suspension period. 

    7. Disclaimer of warranties
    7.1. Participants understand and agree that they participate in the Promotion at their own risk and willingness and have not been coerced in any manner to enter the Promotion.
    7.2. du or its authorised agents holds no responsibility for cancellation, extension or curtailment of the Promotion. 
    7.3. Neither du nor any of its directors, employees, agents or suppliers shall accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, death, personal injuries or disappointment (“Losses”) suffered by a Participant or a participant. By entering the Promotion, all Participants agree that no claim relating to such Losses (including special, incidental, indirect and consequential losses) will be made against du, its parent companies, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents or suppliers.  

    8. Data protection 
    8.1. du shall collect, store, protect and share personal information (such as the name, mobile number, voice, images and any other personally identifiable information) of the Participants in connection with the Promotion and shall protect such information in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. 
    8.2. du shall not release personal information about Participants to third persons, unless: i) required to do so by law or ii) to comply with orders or instructions by the applicable UAE regulatory or government authorities, or iii) if the Participant has first given his/her consent. By opting-in and subscribing to the Promotion, Participants are deemed to have consented to the provision of their personal information to du’s partners who are involved in the provision of the Promotion.

    9. Governing Law 
    9.1. All and any Participant complaints will be dealt with by du at its discretion in accordance with the laws of the emirate of Dubai and the Federal laws of the UAE. Use of the Promotion is also subject to Dubai Aviation Corporation (trading as Flydubai) Terms, including as to governing law, as published on the Flydubai web site .

    10. Proprietary Rights 
    10.1. Participants must not to use or misuse any third party trademarks or intellectual property rights without the express written consent of the relevant proprietors.  

    11. No cash alternative 
    11.1. The vouchers issued as part of the Promotion cannot be exchanged for cash.