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Kabayan Bundle & Data Pack

Always stick together!

  • Enjoy exciting and fun ways to stay connected on the go.
  • Get unlimited access to a lot of apps and online content.
  • Feel at home by calling, texting and chatting with your friends and family.
  • Dial *143# to subscribe for free!


Stick together with your tropa all day – and any way you want it!

Get our new Kabayan Bundle and Data Pack, made to fit your budget and your lifestyle.
Call your family and friends in the Philippines and the UAE, enjoy unlimited chatting, send cute animated stickers and leave personalised voice messages on your favourite social applications, search for a job, stay up-to-date on all the latest Filipino showbiz, and much more! 

For super value, get all your Kabayan tropa in the UAE to subscribe so you can call and text each other for free every day!

To subscribe to the Kabayan Bundle or Data Pack, dial *143# for free.


For just AED 3 a day, you get:

  • Unlimited chatting on Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat.
  • Free surfing on Facebook, Dubizzle, Weekly Kabayan News, The Filipino Times, and The Philippine Embassy website.
  • Free 30 minutes and 30 SMS to chat with all Kabayan Bundle subscribers.
  • Free 5 flexible minutes and SMS to the Philippines and UAE.

To subscribe dial *143# and choose option 1

To check your bundle balance, dial *143# and choose option 3.

For just AED 1 a day, you get unlimited* surfing on selected websites and apps:

  • AZ Lyrics – Free lyrics to spice up your karaoke sessions.
  • PBA inquirer – Latest basketball news on all your favourite teams and players.
  • Access to Monster Gulf, Monster and the Monster Jobs app to help you find your dream job.
  • Philippine Entertainment Portal – to keep you informed on all the latest in Filipino showbiz.

No need to connect to a WiFi network to enjoy all these.

To subscribe dial *143# and choose option 2

To check your data pack's balance, dial *143# and choose option 3.
* Fair usage policy apply

Kabayan Bundle video

Watch kabayan in action


  • I just subscribed to the Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack. How will I know when I can use the service?

    Once you subscribe to the bundle, you’ll receive an SMS to let you know you can start enjoying the benefits.

  • If I change my current prepaid plan to another prepaid plan, will I lose my Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack benefits?

    If you have an active one-time or recurring Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack and you move from one prepaid plan to another, you’ll continue to enjoy any unused benefits.

  • How can I unsubscribe from the daily recurring Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack?

    Just dial *143# and follow the instructions.

  • If I’m on Pay As You Go®, which balance is used for the Kabayan Bundle or Data Pack?

    The balance will be deducted from your More Time balance.

  • Can I use the benefits of the Kabayan Bundle or the Kabayan Data Pack outside the UAE?

    The benefits are valid for use while in the UAE only.

  • What happens if I don’t have enough balance to renew the daily recurring Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack?

    You’ll have 3 days to load your balance. After 3 days the bundle or pack will be deactivated. Please note that during the 3 days you will not be able to enjoy the bundle or pack benefits, however you’ll still receive free calls and texts from other customers subscribed to the Kabayan Bundle.

  • Can I buy more than one daily Kabayan Bundle or Kabayan Data Pack a day?

    Yes, you can buy up to two bundles or two packs per day.

  • How do I see my Kabayan Bundle remaining balance and benefits?

    Just dial *143# and follow the instructions.

  • What is the fair usage policy on unlimited data on the Kabayan Bundle and the Kabayan Data Pack?

    The speed will be reduced when exceeding 150 MB a day.

  • I’m calling my Kabayan friend, but the minutes are being deducted from my 5 free local minutes, not from my 30 free minutes, why?

    Please make sure your friend is subscribed to the Kabayan Bundle to enjoy the 30 free minutes to call other Kabayan friends.