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Getting data on your prepaid SIM

To get data on your plan or in addition to any bundle you might have – you can either purchase a pack online, by SMS or through recharge. 

Online, go to from your smart device (you need to be connected to 3G or 4G).
SMS 'Data Help' for free to 1355 and follow the steps. Click here for more.

How to recharge with More Data

Once your purchase a recharge card, dial *131*[the card number]# to recharge with the More Data option. 

Recharge amount More Data balance
AED 20 160 MB 30 days
AED 50 450 MB 30 days
AED 100 1 GB 30 days
AED 150*3 GB30 days
AED 200 5 GB 30 days
AED 300*10 GB30 days
AED 500
25 GB
30 days

*These recharge amounts are only available as data recharge cards, e-voucher through easy recharge (MPOS).

You can check your balance by texting 'balance' to 1355, or through My Account.

How to use More Data

More Data is one of four recharge options designed exclusively for data use. 
However, you can still use More Credit or More Time to access data at standard pay per use rates.

How much data do you really need

Online activity
Estimated data needed
One email (text only) 35 KB
One email with photo attachment 1 MB
One email with Word,
Excel or PowerPoint attachment
300 KB
One webpage 300 KB
One app/game/song 15 MB
Social media download/upload 500 KB
One 4 minute song 600 KB
1 minute of streaming video
(YouTube High Quality)
3 MB
1 MB= 1,024 KB; 1 GB= 1,024 MB
Remember, data usage varies depending on your phone. This is just a guideline and is based on average estimates using smartphones.

Data Credit Protection

All bundles are protected with the Data Credit Protection feature which means you can't browse if you have finished all your data before your bundle expires.

For recurrent data bundles:
The Data Credit Protection feature will automatically be activated once you purchase a bundle, so you can't browse the internet without an active data bundle.

For one-off data bundles:
The Data Credit Protection feature will be activated during your data bundle’s validity. Once it expires, you'll automatically be charged AED 1/MB until you buy a new data bundle.

To use data at AED 1/MB, dial *135*11#. 
To buy another data bundle, dial *135# to choose your bundle.
To activate the Data Credit Protection feature, dial *135*11# and follow the instructions.

To make your Data Credit Protection effective, disable your mobile data and then enable it again from your phone settings, or simply enable and disable the airplane mode.



1. Can I use More Data?
More Data is available on all data compatible handsets for Pay As You Go®, alo, Visitor Mobile Line and Business Mobile Pay As You Go® Plus customers. 
2. If I have recharged with More Data, can I change the balance to other recharge options?
Once you've recharged with a specific option, you can't move the credit to another option.

3. Can I have More Time, More Credit, More International and More Data balances at the same time? And how will I know about the balance status?
Yes, you can have all four types of balances at the same time. For balance enquiry 1) dial *135# and press the call key OR 2) Call 135 OR 3) visit My Account.
Important: Prior to checking your balance, please ensure you end your current data session (For smartphone users, you may need to turn off your data connection), SMS notifications on balances will also be sent when 1) the data session has ended and 2) when the balance is depleted/ zero.

4. My More Data balance does not seem to change even there have been data usage. Why is that?
Please ensure you end your current data session before your recharge (For smartphone's users, you may need to turn off your data connection) to ensure data is taken from your More Data allowance, and not pay per use.

5. Will I be able to use More Data balance when I am on roaming?
'More Data' balance can only be used for data usage within UAE, not while roaming. To use data while roaming, click here

6. How will the More Data balances be consumed when I have other data balances in the account?
The balances will be used in the following order when applicable:
  • Free Data (if applicable) ie: Data given as part of the plan and or handset offers.
  • Monthly/ one-off Data Pack.
  • BlackBerry.
  • More Data.
  • More Credit.
  • More Time.
7. I have exhausted my More Data balance; will I be able to use data using other balance?
If you have More Time or/and More Credit balance, you'll be able to use data at 1 fils/KB. To save data costs, it's better to use More Data for more savings.

Note: More International can't be used for data .