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Galaxy S7 Edge with VR

  • The latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera
  • Expandable storage of up to 200GB
  • Longer battery life with fast wireless charging
  • Pre-loaded with rewards from isme by Jumeirah™. Available until 7 July 2017. Please visit the Samsung Members app preloaded on the device.
Galaxy S7 Edge with VR
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  • Who is eligible for this offer?

    New and existing postpaid customers.

  • Can I get the {insertdevicename} with a plan that has national minutes instead of flexible minutes?

    Of course, enjoy your new {insertdevicename} with our Emirati Plans which come loaded with national minutes.

  • If I'm an existing postpaid customer can I move to these plans?

    Yes you can visit any of our stores to activate the offer.

    In case you have any contract commitment, you’ll need to terminate it and sign one of the new contracts.

  • How will I be charged if I move to a new plan in the middle of my bill cycle?

    Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle will be prorated. Your benefits for that month, excluding data, will also be prorated.

  • If I'm an existing prepaid customer can I move to these plans?

    Yes, you can move to any of our special {insertdevicename} offer plans.

  • Can I subscribe to any other device offer or contract offer along with this offer?

    This offer cannot be combined with any other similar device or contract offer.

  • What will happen if I terminate the contract before the commitment period?

    Terminating the offer before the 12 or 24-month commitment period will result in a foreclosure fee for every remaining month, depending on the contract period.

  • When will I receive my device?

    You will receive your new device after a maximum of 5 business days from placing your order. If it is a pre-order, you will receive it within 5 business days of the official launch date.

    Please make sure to answer the call from our Sales agent in order not to exceed the mentioned timeline.

  • How many devices can I activate under my account?

    Customers can activate a maximum of two device offers under their account.

  • Is there a warranty for the device?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty with Axiom. The HTC devices are under Comtel warranty.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Smartphone Privilege Offer These additional terms apply to the Elite Super Plan, Smart Plan and Emirati Plan customers. In the event of any inconsistency between the General Terms, the Mobile specific terms and the Smartphone Offer terms, these Smartphone Offer terms shall prevail.

1. Smartphone Offer
1.1. Customers who subscribe to one of du’s Smart, Elite Super or Emirati plans and hold a credit card or any other special payment plans from du’s list of acceptable financial institutions will be eligible to purchase a mobile phone handset from du (from the list of available handsets) with an upfront payment and further monthly payments as specified by du for the relevant handset.
1.2. Customers who take up the Smartphone Offer can choose from 1GB or 10GB data packages in addition to the data package applicable under their Smart, Elite Super or Emirati plan. Customers will be able to check the aggregate data available by sending a SMS with the key word “Rewards” to the short code 1233. For additional details about the Smartphone Offer, please refer to du’s website.

2. Fixed Term
2.1. The Fixed Term for the Smartphone Offer is either 12 months or 24 months from the date the customer signs the application form and receives the Smartphone Offer.

3. Charges
3.1. Customers will be charged a fixed monthly fee per month for the Fixed Term, in addition to the applicable monthly charges payable in respect to the applicable Smart, Elite Super and/or Emirati plans. 3.2. At the end of the Fixed Term, customers can continue to enjoy the benefits available under the Elite Super and Emirati plans and can continue to receive the subscribed data package.
3.3. Customers must make the initial upfront payment from their nominated credit card and must provide to du a duly executed direct debit instructions form in order to debit the monthly charges against the credit card.

4. Non-payment and Early Termination Fees
4.1. If a customer withdraws the direct debit instructions, or fails to make full payments on time, then: 4.1.1. du reserves the right to suspend the services; and
4.1.2. recover unpaid charges by debiting the nominated credit card or taking other debt recovery actions.
4.2. If a customer terminates the Smartphone Offer prior to the expiry of the Fixed Term, then an early termination fee will apply as follows:
4.2.1. fixed monthly fee x remaining number of months of the Fixed Term.

5. Transfer of ownership
5.1. Transfer of ownership of the Smartphone Offer is not possible.

6. Documentation
6.1. Customers must comply with du’s identification, eligibility and authorization requirements. If you do not provide all the required documents, du will not be able to provision the Service. These requirements may change due to regulatory or security requirements and du may request that you provide additional identification/proof of authority. If you do not comply with du’s documentation requirements, du may suspend or terminate the Service.