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iPhone 7

  • 4.7-inch (diagonal) Retina HD display with 1334-by-750 resolution and wide color
  • 3D Touch
  • New 12MP camera, optical image stabilization, Quad-LED True Tone flash, and Live Photos
  • Splash, water, and dust resistant
  • A10 Fusion chip with integrated M10 motion coprocessor
iPhone 7
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  • Who is eligible for this offer?

    New and existing post-paid customers.

  • What will happen after I place my order?

    1. We’ll call you to confirm your order details and delivery address (make sure to confirm your iPhone 7 specifications when we call, like colour and storage size).
    2. Once confirmed, we’ll schedule a visit so you can sign and activate your new post-paid contract.

  • When will I receive my iPhone 7?

    You will receive your new iPhone 7 within 10 working days subject to availability.

  • Can I get the iPhone 7 with a plan that has National Minutes instead of Flexible Minutes?

    Of course, enjoy your new iPhone 7 with our Emirati Plans which comes with tons of National Minutes. 

  • I would like to stay on my existing post-paid plan. Is there an option to get the iPhone 7 at zero upfront?

    Yes, you can simply add iPhone 7 contract to your existing post-paid plan.

    If you have a contract commitment, you’ll need to cancel it and sign a contract for the iPhone 7 offer. Keep in mind, early cancellation fees may apply. 

  • How will I be charged if I move to a new plan in the middle of my bill cycle?

    Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle will be prorated. Your benefits for that month, excluding data, will also be prorated. 

  • If I’m an existing prepaid customer, can I move to these plans?

    Absolutely! Just pick a post-paid plan that suits your needs. 

  • What will happen if I cancel the contract before the commitment period ends?

    Cancelling the offer before the contract ends will result in an early cancellation fee for every remaining month.

    The charges will be the monthly fee multiplied by the remaining number of months of the contract tenure.

  • How many devices can I activate under my account?

    Customers can activate a maximum of two device offers under their account.

1. Eligibility: to be eligible for a Device Instalment Plan, a Customer must sign up for, or have an existing, du post-paid mobile service. The Device Instalment Plan is not available on a standalone basis.

2. Features: the Device Instalment Plan allows the Customer to pay for Device (s) in monthly instalments over the period specified above as the Instalment Term.

3. Early termination: if the Customer terminates its du post-paid mobile service before the end of the Instalment Term, the Customer must pay all the remaining outstanding monthly instalments and will no longer be entitled to the Device Instalment Plan.

4. If Customer terminates the device plan before the end of the instalment term, the customer must pay the remaining outstanding instalment amount.

5. Monthly instalments: the monthly instalments will appear on the Customer’s monthly du invoice and will be payable by the due date of the invoice.

6. Manufacturer warranty: du is not the manufacturer of the handset and is not liable if the handset does not work or is faulty. Standard manufacturer warranties apply. The Customer should contact the handset warranty supplier if there is any issue with the handset.

7. Standard du terms & conditions apply, for details, please visit
8. du reserves the right to check a customer’s credit history via Al Etihad Credit Bureau.