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Windows Phone Store mobile billing

Introducing a faster and a more secure way to buy thousands of apps and games from the Windows Phone Store.

There is no need to share your credit card details online. Now you can simply pay for your app purchases on your Windows device with your monthly du bill or your Pay As You Go balance.

Pay with du© benefits:

  • The most convenient way to pay
  • Hassle-free and secure
  • Pay directly using your mobile account.


How to use

1. Open the Windows Phone Store and choose the app you want to buy.


2. Click ‘buy’ to buy an app. Click ‘buy’ again to confirm your purchase.


Once your purchase is successful, the download will begin automatically.



  • How do I get Apps from the Windows Phone Store?

    Simply browse the store on your phone, PC, or tablet

    1. In the App list, tap the “Store” button. Sign in with your existing Microsoft account or create one.

    2. Scroll down to view all the featured apps and games. Or swipe over to view apps from different collections and categories. You can also tap Search and type the name of the app you are looking for. Find the app or game that you want and tap it.

    3. If an app or a game is free, click Install to download it. Otherwise:
    o Click ‘buy’ to pay for it (click ‘buy’ again to confirm).
    o Click ‘try’ to download a free trial version (if available).

  • Where do I find my apps? Where is the App List?

    You can find all of the apps and games on the app list — just swipe over from the Start screen to go there. You can scroll up or down in the App list to see your installed apps, or tap a letter to find the apps in an alphabetical order.

    Swipe over from Start to see the App list. To easily find the apps simply tap the app, hold it and move it to Start. You can also uninstall an app by tapping and holding it from the Apps list.
    The App list is also where you can check the status of an app download or installation. If there's a problem with an app tap ‘Attention required’ below the app’s name to get more information.

  • Do I have to pay anything additional for this service? Do I need a special plan for this service?

    No, you only pay for the app you buy. The amount will be billed to your monthly bill, or deducted from your Pay As You Go balance. Your data usage will be deducted from your data bundles.

  • How do I use du billing for paid app purchases or making in-app purchases on free apps?

    For all apps where the developer and Microsoft provide a phone billing option, you will see a screen (as shown below) after you click on ‘Buy’. Select Phone Bill and click OK. If you are a prepaid customer, the value will be deducted from your More Time balance.


  • Is this available for all du customers?

    Yes all du customers can use this payment method.

  • Where will this charge be shown on the bill?

    Postpaid customers will see the charge in the ‘Mobile Content’ section of the bill. The description will show the application’s name.

  • Where can I get more information on Windows Phone Store?

    For more details you can visit