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Samsung Galaxy apps mobile billing

Downloading paid apps and making in-app purchases is now easier than ever on your Samsung smart phones!

Simply visit the Galaxy Apps Store on Samsung devices and you can bill your purchases directly to your monthly du bill or your Pay As You Go balance.

Pay with du© benefits:

  • Simple and convenient.
  • No need for a credit card.
  • Pay directly using your mobile account.


How to use

1. Simply click the ‘Down’ arrow next to the ‘Price’ button.

2. Click ‘Payment method’ and choose Phone bill “du”.


3. Click OK to confirm and your purchase is done.

Click here to get started



  • Do I have to sign up to Samsung to buy applications?

    Yes, you will need to sign in and have a Samsung account in order to use this service and download free or paid apps.

  • How do I login or sign up to Samsung Apps Store?

    You can join Samsung GALAXY Apps via:

    1. Mobile: Register by clicking [Sign in] > [Sign up] in the Options menu.
    2. Via Website: Click [Sign up] on the left hand tab of the main page of Samsung GALAXY Apps website.

  • Where can I find the applications I have downloaded? Or how can I download the applications again?

    You can find downloaded applications and re-download your purchased applications at any time, without additional charge.

    First, sign in to Samsung GALAXY Apps, then go to [My Page] > [My Downloads]. You will find the applications you've downloaded and you can re-download them.

    For device specific functions, refer to the Samsung website or to your handset manual.

  • Do I have to pay anything additional for this service? Do I need a special plan for this service?

    No, you only pay for what you buy. Your existing Data Plan is enough, your data usage will be deducted from your data bundles.

  • How do I use du billing for paid app purchases or making in-app purchases on free apps?

    On all apps where the developer and Samsung provide a phone billing option, you will see a screen as shown below after your click ‘buy’. Simply select ‘Phone Bill’ and click ‘OK’.

  • Is this available for all du customers?

    Yes all du customers can use this payment method.

  • Where will this charge be shown on the bill?

    If you are a Postpaid customer, you will see the purchase in the ‘Mobile Content’ section of your monthly bill. The description will be shown as Mobile Application. If you are a Prepaid customer, the amount will be deducted from your More Time balance.

  • Where can I get more information on Samsung Galaxy Apps?

    For more information about Samsung Galaxy Apps please visit