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Smart NOL Service

The Smart NOL service allows you to access RTA's public transportation through your NFC-enabled SIM from du.

Simply place your smartphone close to the NOL card reader on your way in and way out the metro, tram, bus or marine – just like you would a regular NOL card. No need to remember to carry your NOL card, you only need your smartphone.

Your RTA account on your mobile

All the information you need is now available on your phone, under the MyWorld menu (or 'SIM toolkit', depending on the device).

The menu includes:

  • Balance - check your current balance and the amount and date of your last NOL recharge.
  • Last Journey - see the date and cost of your last journey.
  • Daily fare cap amount - monitors the total amount spent in the current day on your RTA journeys.
  • More information - find about your NOL details including tag ID and expiry date, which you'll need whenever you call the RTA call centre.

What you need to get started

You will need to replace your existing SIM with an NFC SIM, or get a new NFC SIM and use it with your NFC-enabled smartphone (please check the user manual that came with your device).*

It's available for new and existing plan users, for both prepaid and postpaid. And your NOL account will be pre-loaded with AED14 ready to be used immediately!

How to use transportation with your new SIM

On the metro or bus, you use your phone as you would a normal plastic NOL card by tapping it at the gate reader as you enter or leave the metro station or bus.

The NOL card credit will be deducted from your NOL balance. You can top-it up at any time like a plastic NOL card at any RTA terminal or counter.

Make sure the NFC feature is enabled in the settings of your smartphone. (Please check the user manual that came with your device).

SIM Activation and service fees

Existing subscribers: Replacing your existing SIM with an NFC-enabled one will cost AED55 for both prepaid and postpaid users.

New subscribers: Getting a new plan on an NFC-enabled SIM will incur the standard one-off plan activation fee of AED125 for postpaid plans, and AED75 with a prepaid plan.
* The price of a new or replacement SIM is AED55. A monthly charge of AED2 applies for NFC 

NFC Service fee
: A service fee of AED2/month applies on NFC-enabled SIMs. You will get AED14 NOL credit pre-loaded and ready to use on your NFC SIM.


1. Can I use my du credit to top-up my NOL?

No. Currently your du credit and NOL credit are two separate balances on your phone. In the future there will be the possibility to ensure you have enough balance for RTA services and all other NFC services.

2. If I use the phone to enter the metro and the phone battery dies, how will I exit?
You'll need to buy a single ticket called an 'exit ticket', just as you would if you lost your physical ticket during your journey.

3. RTA officer is asking for my NOL TAG ID to recharge my account, where can I find it?
Your NOL TAG ID is the number which identifies your NOL subscription. It's related to your SIM and you can find it in the SIM menu MyWorld under More Info.

4. My NOL credit has disappeared, who should I call?
For any support related to NOL credit you'll need to contact RTA. We're unable to retrieve or provide support for NOL credit related issues.

5.  Where I can find more infromation on Smart NOL?
Please visit Smart NOL service on RTA website to learn more.