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Blackberry App World mobile billing

Downloading paid apps or making in-app purchases on BlackBerry App World is now simple and easy with us.

Simply visit Blackberry World on your BlackBerry smartphone and you can bill your purchases directly to your monthly du bill or your Pay As You Go balance.

Pay with du© benefits:

  • Simple and convenient.
  • No need for a credit card.
  • Pay directly using your mobile account.


How to use

1. Open Blackberry App World and choose the app you like.


2. Click the green button with the price, on the top right. You will be asked to verify your BlackBerry ID.


3. Click ‘Purchase’ to confirm.


Once your purchase is done, the download will begin automatically.



  • What is Blackberry App World and how do I get Apps from Blackberry World?

    BlackBerry App World is a store where you can download and purchase apps, games and themes for your BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Downloading paid apps or making in app purchases is as simple and easy with us.

  • How do I get Apps from Blackberry App World?

    Simply browse to BB App World on your phone.

    1. View the featured apps and games, or swipe over to browse different categories.
    2. If an app or game is free, click Install to download it. Otherwise:

    • Click on the green button with the price on the top right side of the page to buy it (you'll be asked to verify your BlackBerry ID).

  • How do I buy a subscription for an app or a game?

    To use some apps, need you to pay a subscription fee. If you pay using your du mobile account, your subscription will be renewed automatically until you cancel it. BlackBerry App World will send you a reminder email before and after each subscription is renewed.

  • How do I cancel a subscription for an app purchased from the BlackBerry App World?

    On the BlackBerry App World home screen, Click > My World >My Apps & Games.

    • Tap the Apps & Games drop-down list. Then choose Subscriptions
    • Choose the app you want to unsubscribe from then Tap Unsubscribe.
  • Where do I find my apps? Where is the app list?

    You can find all of the apps and games you downloaded in the ‘MyWorld’ section on Blackberry App World. From here you can view your installed apps, update apps, or choose to remove them from this menu.

  • Do I have to pay anything additional for this service? Do I need a special plan for this service?

    No, you only pay for what you buy.

  • How do I use du billing for paid app purchases or making in-app purchases on free apps?

    You can use du Billing for athe apps where the developer and Blackberry provide a phone billing option. Postpaid customers will see their purchases in their monthly bills. For Prepaid customers, the value will be deducted from their More Time balance.


  • Is this available for all du customers?

    Yes all du customers can use du Billing.

  • Where will this charge be shown on the bill?

    Postpaid customers will see the charge in the ‘Mobile Content’ section on the bill. The description will show the name of Application.

  • Where can I get more information on Blackberry World?

    For more information about BlackBerry App world  

  • Can I buy any app using du payment?

    You can only buy apps with a phone billing option.

  • What are BBM shop stickers?

    Stickers are a creative, colourful, and fun way to add charm to your messages. Blackberry provide fun stickers in the popular BBM (Blackberry Messenger) App. You can buy themed stickers from the Shop option in BBM. You can buy these stickers using du Billing.


  • Can I buy stickers on other devices like iOS or Android?

    Yes stickers are available on the BBM shop across all platforms that use BlackBerry Messenger.