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du Wellness app - Your new fitness buddy.

du Wellness app

Your new fitness buddy.

It’s a fact: you are more likely to exercise – and enjoy it – when you train with a friend. This is why we launched the du Wellness app.

Now we’ve added some new features so you can keep track of your fitness in a variety of ways, compete with friends, and maximise your health and wellness.

You can even sync your app to popular fitness brands.



  • Count your steps 
    Stay active by keeping track of how many steps you take. The du Wellness app works with the pedometer in your smartphone, your Jawbone, or your Fitbit fitness band.
  • Monitor your food intake
    Watch what you eat by choosing a healthy diet from the nutrition guide, and manage your daily calorie count.
  • Challenges 
    Complete challenges and share your victories and successes with your friends.
  • Sleep better 
    Track your sleeping patterns and learn how to get quality rest when you need it.
  • Share your experiences 
    Use #everystepcounts to share your victories, wellness stories, and health development.