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du Data Manager

The du Data Manager is a simple smartphone app designed to give you everything you need to manage your du mobile data subscription.

It’s available to download now for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

With the du Data Manager, you can:

  • Buy and manage your data bundles
    You can buy, upgrade or cancel your data bundle directly, without needing to visit a du store or contacting Customer Care.

  • Monitor your data usage and manage your spend
    Check the app anytime to see how much data you've used on the live usage bar. Once you've used all your data you can choose to either upgrade or buy a new data bundle, directly through the app. The app also tells you how many days are remaining until your data bundle expires (linked to your bill cycle).

  • Track your data usage
    You can choose to get instant notifications when your data usage exceeds a certain amount. You’ll get notifications of your data usage at 70%, 80% and 100%. Alternatively, you can set your own two predefined data limits for when you’d like to receive notifications.

    Get a breakdown of how you use your data across different categories including web browsing, email, social networking, etc.

  • Choose your language
    Choose between English and Arabic to receive your notifications and view your usage details in your preferred language.

  • Check your expected data usage
    The du Data Manager predicts your expected data usage based on your current data usage pattern, to help you buy a data bundle that suits your monthly data usage needs.
Available for download on the following links:


Who can use this app?

The app will work for du personal and business mobile postpaid and data line subscribers only. At the moment, the app is not available to Pay As You Go customers.