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Get your voice messages right away.

  • Personalise your voicemail greeting.
  • Make direct calls from your mailbox.


Can’t be on the phone right now? Voicemail lets you receive voice messages when you cannot answer calls.


  • Personalise your voicemail greeting.
  • Receive an SMS when someone leaves you a voice message.
  • Make direct calls to the calling number without leaving your mailbox.
  • Save up to 20 voice messages.


Monthly charges


Voicemail retrieval

Postpaid plans: Free

Prepaid plans: 30 fils per call

Voicemail retrieval while roaming

- Incoming calls is AED 1.25 per call.
- Outgoing International call from visited country to UAE.


If the customer has Easy Roaming service active, and is connected to an Easy Roaming Preferred Partner Network, the charges will be:
- AED 1.25 for incoming calls
- AED 2.40 for outgoing international calls to the UAE

To subscribe to Voicemail, call 135 (prepaid) or 155 (postpaid).


  • What is my default passcode?

    Your default passcode is 0000. You can change the passcode by refering to question 5.

  • How do I configure my voicemail?

    To divert in case of 'no reply'


    To divert in case of 'unreachable'


    To divert in case of 'busy'


    To divert all incoming calls (no incoming calls will be received)


  • How do I cancel call diverts to my voicemail?

    To cancel call divert to voice mail on 'no reply'


    To cancel call divert to voice mail on 'unreachable'


    To cancel call divert to voice mail on 'busy'


    To cancel call divert to voice mail for all incoming calls


  • How do I personalise my voicemail greeting?

    1. Dial 161.

    2. Select ‘Mailbox Personalisation’.

    3. Select ‘Greeting’.

    4. Select ‘Change Greeting’.

    5. Choose one of the following options:

    • System greeting with your mobile number
    • System greeting with your recorded name
    • Personal welcome greeting
    • Personal welcome greeting without the option to leave a message

    6. Record your new personalised greeting.

    7. Activate your new personal greeting.

  • How do I change my passcode?

    1. Dial 161.

    2. Select ‘Mailbox personalisation’.

    3. Select ‘Passcode’ option.

    4. Select ‘Change passcode’.

    5. Enter new passcode and confirm.

  • What number should I dial to listen to my voicemail messages while I am roaming?

    To listen to your voicemail messages while roaming, call +971555678171.