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Missed Call Alert

Never miss an important call.

  • Get an SMS of the caller’s details.
  • Free to all prepaid and postpaid users.


Whether you’re busy with a call or your mobile phone is switched off, you’ll now know who called you with Missed Call Alerts.

Missed Call Alert is a free service which notifies you of missed calls via SMS. You’ll get details of the caller such as their phone number, number of call attempts and the time of the last call attempt. This makes it easy for you to call them back or reply by SMS.

Missed Call Alerts are available in English and Arabic. This service is also turned on by default for all prepaid and postpaid plan users.*

You can also set Missed Call Alerts with the following options:

  • For ‘Not reachable or switched off’ condition: **62*163#ok
  • For ‘Busy’ condition: **67*163#ok
  • To forward all incoming calls to Missed Call Alerts (when active, you will not receive any incoming calls): **21*163#ok
* Pay As You Go & Alo customers must have a minimum credit of AED 0.50 in their More Time or More Credit wallets.


  • My Voicemail is active. Will I still receive Missed Call Alerts?

    Yes, you’ll still receive Missed Call Alerts if your caller disconnects the call without leaving a voice message in your mailbox.

  • How do I turn off the Missed Call Alert service?

    Go to your mobile phone’s settings and reset your Call Forward settings. You can always turn on this service whenever you want.

  • Can I forward my calls to Voicemail when I am unreachable, and to Missed Call Alert when I am busy?

    Yes you can. Click here to know more about Voicemail settings