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Music Store

Subscribe and get access to over 20,000 of the best hits on your mobile.

Enjoy access to thousands of songs on your mobile with our Music Store. You'll be able to download and enjoy over 20,000 of the best and biggest songs on the go directly on your mobile.

The Music Store will satisfy every taste. Choose from a wide range of music in different genres and languages like Arabic, Bollywood, English, Tagalog, Bangla, Tamil and more.

 Music Store
Key features:
  • Song Download:
    Once you’ve subscribed, you can download five songs a day.

  • No hidden charges:
    You’ll need an active data connection to download your songs but there are no additional download fees.

  • DRM Free Content:
    All songs are Digital Rights Management Free (DRM). Easy to download and you can transfer your songs to any device.

  • Free re-downloads:
    Download any of your previously downloaded songs for free by visiting My Account section (maximum of three times).

  • Facebook Sharing:
    Share the songs you like with your friends by simply clicking on the Like or  Share buttons.

  • Caller Tunes*
    Click on the ‘set as Caller Tune’ link and use the song as your caller tune.
 *This feature will soon be available.


Subscription category How to subscribe Cost (AED) Songs available*
Daily (recurring) SMS 'SUB MS' to 1234 or click 1 per day 5 per day

* If you’d like to download more than the daily limit for your subscription type, simply top up your subscription by paying a nominal fee and receive five additional songs to download.


1. What's du Music Store?

Our Music Store is a subscription based service that offers you the ability to download songs as long as you have an active subscription. Subscriptions are available from as low as AED 1/day for a recurring daily subscription.

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll need an active data connection to download and play songs. Enjoy your favourite songs at no additional data costs when downloading. Once you’ve downloaded your songs enjoy them as much as you’d like, anywhere any time.

2. Where do I find the du Music Store?

Logon to My World WAP site from your mobile or type on your mobile browser (WAP/Service Browser). Once the portal is open click on our Music Store link. Then easily select from our wide range of song options for your mobile.

Remember to bookmark Access the du Music Store section directly by sending the keyword "MUSIC" to 1234. Don’t worry, the SMS is free.

There are selections of songs which are categorised in different languages (i.e. Arabic, Bollywood, Indian Regional, Tagalog, and Western).

3. How much do I pay for downloading a song?

Once you’ve subscribed you won’t be charged additional fees to download your songs. Download five songs for AED 1/day.

4. Where can I get help and instructions on how to use the our Music Store?

You’ll find the link for the ‘Help’ option at the bottom of the our Music Store WAP site.

5. Is my phone capable of downloading songs?

Your phone is capable of downloading songs if:

  • Your mobile is configured with the proper mobile internet (WAP/GPRS) settings. Get settings delivered directly to your mobile by sending a blank SMS to 3330
  • You’re using a compatible mobile and your handset supports MP3 downloads. You can check your mobile compatibility by referring to the manual on your mobile device.
  • You have enough mobile credit, especially for those using a prepaid (Pay As You Go) line.
  • You have enough space (memory) for downloading songs onto your mobile. We recommend you save the songs you download in your mobile memory storage compartment

6. If I’ve opted for the subscription option, what’s the duration of my subscription?

Your subscription period lasts for one day. At the end of the subscription cycle (one day) your subscription will be automatically renewed (ongoing subscription).

7. How do I play, access, and listen to songs?

Once saved, the songs you’ve downloaded will be available in the media/gallery section of your mobile.

8. If I unsubscribe from du Music Store, will my subscription be terminated immediately or after the end of the validity period?

Your subscription will be valid till the end of the validity period. E.g. If you subscribe to our daily plan at 11am on 10 Jan 2016 and unsubscribe at 2pm on 10 Jan 2016, your subscription will be valid till 11.59pm on 11 Jan 2012. Even when you unsubscribe, you can still download your favourite songs while your subscription validity period is active.

9. How can I unsubscribe from your Music Store?

To unsubscribe go to ‘My Account’ on our Music Store and click ‘unsubscribe’. If it’s easier simply SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 1234. Don’t worry the SMS is free.

10. What if I’d like to send my feedback to your Music Store?

Send us your feedback via email at

11. How can I get the list of all the full songs?

Our Music Store offers unlimited access to over 20,000 of your favourite songs which you can download and play. If you know the category, name or partial name of the song simply type it in our search bar. If you’d like, you can have a look at our song categories.

12. Who can access our Music Store portal?

Our Music Store portal can be accessed by Prepaid, Postpaid, and Enterprise customers.

13. If I have an iPhone, will I be able to browse and download songs from our Music Store?

iPhones don't allow this. Therefore, customers  will not be able to benefit from our Music Store.

14. If a song download is unsuccessful, will I be charged for it?

If your subscription is active all songs that have been downloaded are available in the 'My Account' section for you to re-download again for free. In the event that your download has been interrupted please visit your 'My Account' section and re-download the song for free (maximum of three times).

15. What happens after I re-download a song three times?

If you re-download a song more than three times, you’ll be using a credit from your available downloads.

16. I’ve downloaded a song but I can’t find it?

Most mobiles store your songs in different folders depending on the make and model. You’ll be able to find your downloaded songs in the media or gallery/music folder. Access these folders through the main menu on your mobile.

17. If I’d like to change or upgrade my phone how will I transfer my songs?

Your songs are stored against your mobile number. So at any point if you change your handset go to ‘My Account’ in our Music Store and you’ll find the songs you’ve downloaded.

18. What can I do if my page doesn’t refresh or it says 'loading' for a long time?

Exit your browser, restart your mobile and try again.

19. Will I delete the songs I’ve downloaded if I perform a factory reset on my mobile?

It depends on the type of mobile device you have. We have a safe storage for all of the songs you’ve purchased. Simply go to the ‘My Account’ section and re-download them free of charge.

20. If I’m not in a coverage area but have Wi-Fi, will I be able to download songs?

You’ll need to be connected to our network in order to download songs from our Music Store.