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A device model and variant is required.
FAQs +
  1. Who is eligible for this offer?

    New and existing postpaid customers.

  2. Can I get the {insertdevicename} with a plan that has national minutes instead of flexible minutes?

    Of course, enjoy your new {insertdevicename} with our Emirati Plans which come loaded with national minutes.

  3. If I'm an existing postpaid customer can I move to these plans?

    Yes you can visit any of our stores to activate the offer.

    In case you have any contract commitment, you’ll need to terminate it and sign one of the new contracts.

  4. How will I be charged if I move to a new plan in the middle of my bill cycle?

    Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle will be prorated. Your benefits for that month, excluding data, will also be prorated.

  5. If I'm an existing prepaid customer can I move to these plans?

    Yes, you can move to any of our special {insertdevicename} offer plans.

  6. Can I subscribe to any other device offer or contract offer along with this offer?

    This offer cannot be combined with any other similar device or contract offer.

  7. What will happen if I terminate the contract before the commitment period?

    Terminating the offer before the 12 or 24-month commitment period will result in a foreclosure fee for every remaining month, depending on the contract period.

  8. When will I receive my device?

    You will receive your new device after a maximum of 5 business days from placing your order. If it is a pre-order, you will receive it within 5 business days of the official launch date.

    Please make sure to answer the call from our Sales agent in order not to exceed the mentioned timeline.

  9. How many devices can I activate under my account?

    Customers can activate a maximum of two device offers under their account.

  10. Is there a warranty for the device?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty with Axiom. The HTC devices are under Comtel warranty.

Terms and Conditions +
Eligible Customers

Eligible Customers

The Offer is available to the following customers:

a) Any new or existing customers of du’s Smart, 150, 300, 600 and 1000 plans.
b) Any new or existing customers of du’s Emirati 100, 300, 600 and 1000 plans (together with the Smart tariffs listed in a Plan).
(all of the above being a Customer) 
Other Offers

Other Offers

Customers subscribing to the Offer may not be permitted to purchase other offers or add-ons with the same Plan, including the following: 

a) Smartphone Privilege Plan
b) 10GB Extra Data 
c) Premium Bundle
d) iPhone 6 Special Offer 
Minimum Term

Minimum Term

To benefit from the Offer, Customers must sign up to a Plan for a minimum of 12 months or 24 months, depending on the Plan chosen (Minimum Term). The Plan will expire upon completion of the relevant Minimum Term. Upon expiry of the relevant Minimum Term, Customers will be given the option to renew their Plan in accordance with paragraph 7 below.


Customers who have already subscribed to the Offer may upgrade to an equal or higher value Plan at any time provided they are not in breach of the terms and conditions associated with their existing Plan, including these Terms and Conditions. If a Customer upgrades during the Minimum Term in accordance with this clause 4, the term of the new Plan will be the same as the remaining term of the previous Plan (for example, if the Customer subscribes to an 24 month Emirati 150 plan and upgrades with 9 months of the Minimum Term remaining, 9 months of the Minimum Term will remain under the new Plan once upgrade activated). 
Downgrades and Early Termination Fees

Downgrades and Early Termination Fees

Customers may only downgrade to a lower value Plan before the expiry of the Minimum Term upon payment of an early termination fee. Please refer to the frequently asked questions relating to the relevant Plan on the du Website (FAQs) for details of the early termination fee applicable to each Plan. 


If a Customer’s access to services under a Plan is suspended, the Customer will continue to be charged the relevant monthly fees under the terms associated with the relevant Plan and these Terms and Conditions during the suspension period.


At the end of the Minimum Term, Customer will be notified by du by SMS that their Plan is due to expire, at which point they will be given an option to renew or cancel – see the “How to get” section of the Plan page on the du Website for details. If the Customer fails to respond to the SMS before the expiry of the Plan then that Customer’s Plan will automatically expire. 
Other Terms

Other Terms

The purchase of the Offer is subject to du’s General Terms and Conditions, Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services and terms associated with the relevant Plan (copies of which can be found on the du Website). Where there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and those other terms, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail).