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Share data with Multi-SIM.

Enjoy up to five devices on one plan with the same number.

Multi-SIM gives you the flexibility to have one mobile number active on up to five SIM cards, in five separate devices all at the same time. Now you can share your voice and data across all of your mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, internet keys or Mi-Fi routers.


Multi-SIM is available for postpaid customers at a cost of AED 25 per month for each additional SIM.


To activate Multi-SIM, simply visit any of our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of Multi-SIM?

Having up to five SIM cards on the same mobile number allows you to share your voice and data services across all of your mobile devices. E.g. you can take calls on one mobile phone while continuing to email or SMS on your other mobile devices.

2. Who can use the Multi-SIM service?

All new and existing postpaid rate plans are eligible for Multi-SIM service.

Note: Multi-SIM is not available on prepaid plans and to customers who have ported from Etisalat.

3. What is the cost of Multi-SIM?

Multi-SIM has no upfront fee and costs AED 25/month for each additional SIM aside from your main SIM.

E.g. If you subscribe to two Multi-SIMs on your Elite 100 plan, you’ll be paying AED 100 (Elite 100 monthly fee) + AED 25 (Multi-SIM 1) + AED 25 (Multi-SIM2) = AED 150 per month for your 3 devices.

4. Can I have different sizes of SIMs for the Multi-SIM service?

Yes, you can have a mix of sizes (normal, micro or nano).

5. How many primary SIMs can be assigned at any one time?

You can only have one primary SIM assigned at any one time; however the assigned primary SIM can be changed at any time.

6. What is the difference between the primary SIM and the other (secondary) SIMs?

All SIM cards can be active simultaneously for outgoing voice and video calls, SMS, MMS and data. Incoming voice can also be received simultaneously on all SIMs, however incoming video call, SMS and MMS can only be received on your assigned primary SIM.

For voice calls, once the user picks up a call on one SIM, the call will be disconnected for all other SIMs.

7. How can I assign my primary SIM?

Dial *141*1# and press send/call from the handset/SIM that you’d like to assign as the primary SIM.

8. How can I check which SIM is my primary SIM?

Dial *141# and press send/call from the handset/SIM for that you’d like to check. You’ll receive a message indicating if the SIM is the primary SIM or not.

9. Can I deactivate the Multi-SIM service on one of the SIMs?

Yes, you can deactivate any one of the SIMs by visiting one of our stores or calling Customer Care.

10. What happens if I lose one of my SIMs?

If you lose any of your SIMs, you’ll have to replace all SIMs for a one-time fee of AED 40 by visiting any of our stores.

11. What is the SIM swap fee?

The Multi-SIM swap fee is AED 40 irrespective of the number of SIMs being replaced.

12. I am an existing Multi-SIM customer with 2 SIMs and wish to add an additional SIM, what will it cost?

There will be no upfront fee; you’ll simply pay an additional AED 25 per month for each additional SIM.

13. I would like to switch my postpaid plan to a prepaid plan. Will the Multi-SIM service still be available on my prepaid plan?

No, Multi-SIM service is only available with postpaid plans.

14. How many bills will I receive for Multi-SIM? Can I have an itemised bill split by SIM?

You’ll only receive a single bill per phone number; however the bill will show itemised usage for each SIM card.

15. Can I choose to have only one SIM receive voice calls?

No, all SIMs receive calls simultaneously.

16. While I am making a call from one of the SIMs, can I receive calls on my other SIMs?

Yes you can. The other callers will not hear a busy tone even though you’re on a call on one of the SIMs.

17. Can I share my data and voice allowance across my SIMs?


18. Can I set up call forwarding from any of the SIMs?


19. If I reject a call on one of my devices/SIMs, will it reject the call on the others?

No, once you reject the call on one device, the other devices will remain ringing until the call is rejected on each device individually.

20. How do I monitor my data usage with Multi-SIM?

You can monitor the data usage of your account by sending an SMS with the keyword ‘rewards’ to 1233 from any of the SIMs. The SMS notification will be sent to your primary SIM only, and will show the usage status for the mobile number across all devices (it will not be split by SIM or device used).

21. Can I roam with Multi-SIM?

Yes, you can use Multi-SIM while abroad as long as you have an active roaming subscription. For more details on roaming subscriptions, click here.

22. When roaming, can I use all of my SIMs?

Yes, you can use all of your SIMs while roaming and they can all be on the same or different networks simultaneously. In some cases you may need to manually prompt the secondary SIMs to connect to the network by doing a network search on your device.

23. When roaming, can I use the command *141*1# and/*141# and/or *141*2#?


24. Is it possible to use some SIMs in the UAE and others in other countries at the same time?

Yes you can and all SIMs will ring. Calls/SMS received and made within UAE will be treated as local calls while calls/SMS received and made while roaming will be treated as roaming calls.