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About NOC

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate which is issued by du confirming the compliance of the property consultant & contractor with du telecom standards and requirements.

Our goal is to assist property developers through a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) process that includes design drawing validation, material samples checking and site inspections during implementation, which as a result will assure a proper delivery of our services.

The design guidelines document in this website is the main reference to all consultants and contractors during their NOC’s submissions, this guidelines document is based on our prior experience of offering quality telecommunications services across key developments in UAE.

We advise our clients to use qualified and certified professionals in all aspects of the NOC’s process/stages and implementation of the design guidelines during construction.

Developers are encouraged to engage with us at an early stage through the NOC process so that any process and / or design issues may be resolved. If property developers or tenants have special requirements that may not be covered by our guidelines it is necessary to engage with our design teams at an early stage of development planning, to enable seamless delivery of premium telecommunications services at launch.