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Smart Protection for Mobile Phones

Secure your mobile.

Now there’s an easy way to protect your lost or stolen mobile phone. Simply follow the below steps to block your mobile phone on all networks in the UAE:


Step 2

Call us:

  • On 155 from a du mobile or 800 155 from any mobile or landline number.
  • Enter your lost mobile number.
  • Provide your IMEI number.
  • Answer a few verification questions.
Or visit one of our shops:
  • Remember to bring your Emirates ID or passport.
  • Provide your IMEI number and handset model.
Your phone will be blocked on all networks, for free!


Step 3

To verify your phone has been blocked, send an SMS with the word ‘Check’ followed by a space and your IMEI number to 1012.

Please allow 24 hours from your request to block before sending the SMS. This SMS is free of charge.


Step 4

If you find your phone, just give us a call on one of the numbers above, and we’ll unblock it for you free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I requested to block my SIM and my lost phone, can I later unblock only the SIM?
Yes, you can request a SIM swap and we’ll move your existing number to a new SIM.

2. I logged a request to block my phone but haven’t received confirmation?
We’ll only contact you if the IMEI block request isn’t successful. Otherwise, your request will be processed within 24 hours.

3. I logged a request to block my IMEI but it hasn’t been blocked?
If your IMEI is identified as a duplicate IMEI then we'll not be able to block it. In this case, we’ll contact you to inform you that your block request was unsuccessful, and we’ll take you through the next steps to try to block it again.

4. What is a duplicate IMEI?
Duplicate IMEIs are multiple phones with the same serial number.

5. My friend has lost his/her phone. Can I block on his/her behalf?
The request to block has to be from the owner of the phone.

6. I misplaced my phone over a year ago – can I block it?
The request to block is only valid for your last used or previous phone.

7. I misplaced my phone abroad – can I block it?
Your IMEI will be blocked in the UAE only. Unfortunately we cannot block your IMEI on roaming networks.

8. Can I still block my lost phone if I don’t have the IMEI or the model number?
If you’ve lost the SIM and the phone and you request to block both the SIM and the last used phone, the IMEI block request will be processed.

However, if you only wish to block the phone and not the SIM, you’ll need to know at least the brand or the model of the phone in order for us to process the request.

9. My phone appears blocked. Can you please unblock it?
If the IMEI is blocked, only the person who has requested to block it can request unblocking. If you previously requested the block, and you’d like to unblock your phone, call us on 155.

10. Can I block my phone if I’m an enterprise customer?
Yes, all of our customers can use this service. Enterprise customers can block their phones by visiting us in-store or calling 800 188.

11. Is my personal data protected when I block my phone? 
Unfortunately we cannot block access to any personal data or information, pictures, videos, WiFi, or the camera on your phone. Blocking your phone’s IMEI will only block outgoing and incoming calls and SMSes. For further protection, we highly recommend keeping your phone password-protected at all times.