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Extra Social

The first all-in-one Prepaid Plan in the UAE.

  • Choose from four hassle-free monthly bundles.
  • Enjoy credit valid for life.  
  • Avoid accidental data charges with our Credit Protection feature.
  • Customise your plan even more with Data and Minute Packs.
  • Call 10 countries for just 36 fils/minute or buy a 10 minute international calling bundle to 100 countries for just AED 5.

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Monthly bundles

Choose your monthly bundle

Just choose your favourite size and get it all in one easy monthly recurrent bundle. No commitment or contract.

  • Small

    • Data 100MB
    • Flexible minutes 60
    • Social data 1GB
    • Price/month AED40
  • Medium

    • Data 400MB
    • Flexible minutes 150
    • Social data 1GB
    • Price/month AED85
  • Large

    • Data 1GB
    • Flexible minutes 270
    • Social data 1GB
    • Price/month AED150
  • Extra Large

    • Data 2GB
    • Flexible minutes 600
    • Social data 1GB
    • Price/month AED300
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To get a bundle:
Dial *135# and choose 2 then select your bundle.

To opt out of your bundle:
Call 135 or *135# and follow the instructions.

Minute & Data Packs

Minute and Data Packs

Customise your plan even more by adding one the following recurrent packs. To buy a pack, just dial *135# and follow the instructions.

  • 10
    International minutes**

    • Valid for 1 day
    • Price AED5
  • 30
    International minutes**

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Price AED25
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  • 50MB

    • Valid for 1 day
    • Price AED5
  • 500MB

    • Valid for 1 day
    • Price AED20
  • 200MB

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Price AED25
  • 1GB

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Price AED100
  • 3GB

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Price AED150
  • 5GB

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Price AED200
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**Valid for 100 countries

More info

Migrate How to get Extra Social if you're already a Prepaid customer
Just dial *135*444# to move now from your current Prepaid Plan and move your credit balance with you. Then, dial *135# and choose 2 to select your bundle. 

BuyHow to get your Extra Social if you’re a new customer
Buy a new Prepaid SIM online or from one of our shops or authorised dealers, then activate the Extra Social Plan on your SIM by calling 135 and following the instructions.


How to recharge
To recharge your Extra Social plan, dial *135*card number#


balance_btn_img How to check your balances
To check your credit balance, call 135.
To check your bundle allowance, call 135 and choose 1.


How to activate/deactivate the Credit Protection feature
Dial *135# and choose option 1 “my account”, then choose option 4.


Out of bundle tariffs

Calls to all mobiles and national landlines 0.6 fils/second
International calls to 190 selected destinations 4 fils/second
Video calls to du 1 fils/second
National SMS 24 fils/SMS
International SMS 60 fils/SMS
Multimedia Messages (MMS) to national mobiles 45 fils/MMS
Multimedia Messages (MMS) to international mobiles 180 fils/MMS
Data Usage (WAP / GPRS / EDGE / 3G) 1 AED/ 1MB
International Data Usage 1 AED/ 30KB


Recurring bundles
Your monthly bundles and add-on packs will always renew automatically every month. If you don’t have enough credit to renew, you’ll have three days to top up your balance or the bundle/pack will be deactivated.

Welcome Credit  
If you’re a new customer you’ll enjoy a welcome credit of 5 flexible minutes to call locally and internationally to 100 destinations, valid for 1 day. To check your Welcome Credit balance, dial *135#. Once the balance is finished it will no longer show on this menu.

Credit Protection feature
Your Extra Social comes with our new Credit Protection feature, so your balance is always protected. If you run out of data, we'll not use your credit for any application or browsing - you’ll receive an SMS asking you to choose one of the following options:

  • Activate Pay Per Use at 32 fils/32KB
  • Add a Data Pack

Activate or deactivate bundles
To activate or deactivate Extra Social bundles, or Minute and Data Packs, dial 135 or *135# and follow the instructions.

With Extra Social you can send and receive credit from other numbers. A charge of 5% of the transaction amount applies.


  • Users with a BlackBerry device running on BlackBerry OS 7.0 or older will only be able to use BBM app free with social data. Usage of other social apps will be deducted from the Data Pack balance. To enjoy other social apps, we recommend the BlackBerry Social pack.
  • There’s a 1GB allowance for social data apps with every monthly bundle. If you reach the limit, your usage will be consumed from the Data Pack if you have one or you will be prompted to get a new pack.

1. Do I need to buy a special SIM for Extra Social?

No. Just buy any of our Prepaid SIMs then call 135 to activate Extra Social.

2. How can I activate an Extra Social bundle on my iPad?

You need to recharge through Self-Care or Easy Recharge. If you’d like to recharge with e-vouchers and recharge cards for use on your iPad:

1. Remove the SIM card from your iPad and insert it into your mobile.
2. Call 135.
3. Choose your preferred language.
4. You’ll hear three plan options:
Easy Social, Extra Social, Pay As You Go®.
5. Press 2 to activate Extra Social .
6. Once activated, remove the SIM from your mobile and insert it back into your iPad.

Data can only be used once you recharge your account and buy one of the available monthly recurring bundles.

3. Can I move from Extra Social to Pay As You Go®, and will I keep my balance and add-ons?

Yes, you can move between bundles as many times as you wish at no extra charge. Dial *135# and follow the instructions, or call 135 and follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that the credit or add-ons you have may be affected as follows:
-If you have a device offer, your data allowance will be moved to the new plan  until it expires.
-Any additional services such as Call forwarding, Call waiting, and subscriptions such as Mobile TV you have will remain the same.
- Any unused minutes and data, along with any remaining add-one allowance will not be moved. 

4. Can I move from any postpaid plan to Extra Social?

Yes, all you need to do is pay the one-time moving fee of AED 100.

5. What benefits do I keep when I move to Extra Social?

You can still use the credit available in any of your balances (More Time, More Credit, More international or More Data) until it expires. If you have a Handset offer your data allowance will be moved to the new plan until it expires.

If you have the Call Home for Less offer you’ll continue to enjoy the same lower international call rates on your new Extra Social plan. Any additional services you might have (call forwarding, call waiting, and any subscription to mobile content or mobile TV) will remain the same. Aside from the services and credit balances listed above however, other services will not be moved to Extra Social. Kindly note that Free Social benefits will not be carried forward.

After moving to Extra Social, your credit balances will be used in this order:

Voice Calls
More International (For International calls/SMS/MMS only)
More Credit
More Time
Extra Social
Data Usage
More Data

Once your More International, More Credit, More Time, and More Data balances are used, you’ll need to recharge using *135* for Extra Social.

6. When I move to Extra Social, can I use my remaining More Time, More Credit, or More International balances to buy one of the available bundles?

You can use your More Time balance only to buy the Extra Social bundles.

7. If I’ve been opted out of the monthly bundle can I still use my Extra Social plan?

Of course! You have one of the following options:

- Purchase Minute/Data Packs (daily/monthly).
- Use the existing credit in your balance (unlimited validity).
- Whenever you’re able to recharge, you can purchase another Extra Social bundle.

8. I opted out before my bundle expired, but now I want to opt in again. Can I do that?

Yes, but you’ll need to buy a bundle with a higher value.

If you wish to buy another bundle with the same value or lower, you’ll need to wait until the bundle you opted out from expires. If you’ve opted out from an Extra Large bundle and wish to buy another Extra Large bundle, you need to wait until the bundle you opted out from expires.

9. What happens when all my Social Data is finished?

Once your Social Data has finished, any data use is deducted from the data in your bundle. Once the data in your Extra Social bundle has finished, data use is then deducted from your add-on Data Pack if you have one or you will need to purchase one. 

10. Can I share pictures or videos using my Social Data on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Yes. Have fun sharing pictures and videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with your friends and family. Remember that if a video takes you to another link on YouTube or any other site, you’ll be charged from the data allowance in your bundle.

11. Can I purchase multiple add-ons (daily or monthly)?

Yes. Each add-on has its own validity (i.e. best validity doesn’t apply).

12. What happens if I use all my minutes during a call?

Once you’ve used all your minutes the credit will be deducted from your cash balance, and standard rates will apply. In case you don’t have enough cash balance, the call will be dropped.

13. How do I deactivate the Minute and Data Packs?

Dial *135# and choose option 3, then follow the instructions, or call 135 and choose option 3, then follow the instructions. You can continue to use your Packs until they expire.