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My Number, My Identity

Registering your mobile number is mandatory to protect you.

Everyone must register their mobile numbers in the UAE in line with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign. This policy is here to protect your privacy and to avoid fraud.

Registering your mobile number

Register your mobile number using your valid ID through any of our My Number, My Identity partnersour shops, or save time either by:
- Registering through the du app.
- Registering through My Account.
- Filling the MNMI form here and printing it before visiting any of our stores. 

Documents required

Nationality  Required documents 
UAE nationals

- Valid Emirates ID


- Valid UAE passport
GCC nationals

- Valid Emirates ID


- Valid GCC passport


- Valid GCC national ID

- Valid Emirates ID


- Passport with valid visa


To check the status of your registration, simply SMS 'STATUS' to 6664.


1. Why do I have to register my line with du or to renew my registration?
This is in line with the TRA’s policy regarding the registration requirements for consumer mobile customers to protect their rights and confidentiality and to avoid fraud cases.

2. How do I register my mobile number?
We'll send you an SMS to tell you when you need to register your mobile line and we'll ask you to submit a valid identification document (as listed above). Visit any of our shops or authorised ‘My Number, My Identity’ partners (such as Axiom, Jumbo, Eros, Jacky’s, E-max, Plug-ins or any shop that sells du SIMs) to submit your valid identification documents.

3. My mobile service has been suspended and I keep receiving SMSes asking me to update my identification documents. How do I restore my mobile service?
If you have received SMSes asking you to update your identification documents and you haven't done so before the provided deadline, your mobile service may get suspended. To restore your mobile service, visit any of our shops and bring with you the required identification documents as specified in the table above. We encourage you to submit the required documents as soon as possible to avoid complete service disconnection.

4. What will happen if I don't register by the date mentioned in the SMS?
Your line will be suspended for a period of time. If you still did not register during the suspension period, your mobile line will be deactivated and you'll not be able to claim your number back.

5. What is the difference between my mobile line’s validity period and registering my documents?
Your mobile SIM may have a validity period that needs regular renewal as specified in the terms and conditions of your plan. This is different than registering your identification documents in line with the TRA’s policy for consumer mobile customers in UAE to protect their rights and confidentiality and to avoid fraud cases.

6. I am visiting the UAE on a visit visa, do I have to be a resident to register my line?
You can register your line with your valid UAE visa, including a visit visa. The validity of the ID will only be as long as the validity period of the visit visa. Simply visit any of our shops or authorised dealers to register your line again.

7. Do I have to update and register my identification documents if I’ve not received a message from du?
Yes, all mobile lines are required to be registered.  Whether you’ve received SMS from us or not, we’d encourage you to register now to avoid any possibility of interruption to your service. You can check the status of your registration by sending 'STATUS' to 6664.

8. How many times do I need to register my mobile number?
You’re required to register your mobile number every time your identification documents expire, either by visiting our shops or authorised dealers or through du app or My Account. You’ll receive an SMS before the expiry date of your registered documents reminding you to submit your renewed documents.