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Data Help

Data help

Find out how to manage your data or subscribe to data packs through SMS. If you'd like to know about our latest data packs and offers, click here to go to our Data page.

How to subscribe to a data pack via SMS

Bundle allowance*

Tariff (AED)*

SMS subscription codes (to be sent to 1355)

Recurring packs (postpaid and prepaid) 

One-time packs (prepaid) 

160 MB


data 80MB r

data 80MB o

450 MB


data 300MB r

data 300MB o

1 GB


data 1GB r

data 1GB o

5 GB


data 5GB r

data 5GB o

25 GB


data 25GB r

data 25GB o

  • Data balance Enquiries, prepaid users dial *135# or SMS 'balance' to 1355, and postpaid users SMS ‘Rewards’ to 1233.
  • To deactivate your data bundle at any time, SMS ‘stop data’ to 1355.

BlackBerry recurrent data packs (national)

Pack allowance*

Tariff (AED)*

SMS subscription codes (for monthly and prepaid)

Send to 1355

300 MB


bb 300MB

1 GB


bb 1GB

5 GB


bb 5GB

25 GB


bb 25GB

  • Balance inquiries, prepaid users SMS ‘balance’ to 1355 and monthly users SMS ‘Rewards’ to 1233.
  • To deactivate your data bundle at any time, SMS ‘stop bb’ to 1355.

BlackBerry social (recurrent bundles)

Tariff (AED)



Prepaid (per day)

SMS code for postpaid and prepaid to 1355



bb social

  • Balance enquiries, prepaid users SMS ‘balance' to 1355 and monthly users SMS ‘Rewards’ to 1233.
  • To stop your data pack at any time, SMS  ‘stop bb social’ to 1355

* Data packs have a validity period of 30 days from the day of recharge.

Mobile Data Portal - manage your data

To check your data consumption, go to from your smart device while connected to the network. This service is available to monthly customers.

However, BlackBerry® users will not be directed to the Mobile Data Portal automatically. They will receive an SMS once their data allowance has been used.

What you can do on our Mobile Data Portal

  • Purchase data packs
    Choose a data pack with one click. You will able to see the available data packs.
  • Keep track of your data usage
    Visit the Mobile Data Portal any time to see how much data you've used and to know your data balance.
  • Manage your data spend
    Once you've consumed your data pack, you’ll be automatically directed to on your smart device where you can upgrade your data pack or buy a new one.



Frequently asked questions

1. Every time I’m out of data units, I’m taken to a Mobile Data Portal from du. Why is that?
This is because we’ve designed a new experience that allows you to:
• Manage your data usage: You can only use the data you’ve subscribed to or which is available on your Elite plan. In case of no remaining data, you’ll be unable to browse until you buy another Data Bundle.

• Easily subscribe to a new Data Bundle. Once a Data Bundle is depleted, you’ll be directed to a landing page that will allow you to upgrade your bundle or buy a daily bundle. You can also subscribe directly from your screen by selecting the bundle you wish to redeem as it’ll automatically identify your mobile number.

Visiting is free of charge.

2. What is the Mobile Data Portal?
The Mobile Data Portal is a web page designed for postpaid subscribers to manage their Data Bundles and help them keep track of their data usage. To access this page at any point of time, go to

Note: Once BlackBerry® users deplete their Data Bundles, they’ll not be directed to the Mobile Data Portal. But instead receive an SMS with a mention of the URL. To visit the Mobile Data Portal or to purchase a new Data Bundle, BlackBerry®® users can visit this URL.

3. What happens if I want to migrate from my plan or data bundle?

Downgrade Upgrade
Elite Plans • First request is immediate
• Other requests are scheduled for the next bill cycle and will overwrite any existing scheduled request
• First request is immediate
• Other requests are scheduled for the next bill cycle and will overwrite any existing scheduled request
Data Bundles • All the requests are scheduled for the next bill cycle • First request is immediate
• Other requests are scheduled for the next bill cycle and will overwrite any existing scheduled request

4. How much will additional data cost me after I finish my bundle?
a. If you exhaust your standalone Data Bundle, you can:

• Upgrade to another Data Bundle. In this case you’ll pay pro-rated monthly charges of the new Data Bundle and enjoy the full units of the new bundle .
• Buy a daily bundle which will expire with the bill cycle in case you’ve subscribed to the daily bundle few hours before the end of your bill cycle.

b. If you exhaust the data included in your Elite Plan, you can:
• Buy a Data Bundle
• Upgrade your Elite plan to enjoy more minutes and more data for the rest of your bill cycle. When upgrading your Elite plan, you pay prorated charges and enjoy full units .

Note: If you don’t choose any of the above options, you won’t be able to use data on your mobile.

5. As a postpaid customer I’ve exhausted my data package. What are my options?

• Upgrade your Data Bundles
• Subscribe to daily bundles
• Upgrade your plan

6. What are daily bundles?

A daily bundle of data units is valid for 24 hours. Irrespective of your subscription, you can subscribe to a daily bundle for AED 20 which will give you a 100 MB data. Note that any leftover data units will not be carried forward. You can purchase up to 5 daily bundles a day.

- This bundle will be listed in your bill under the title of ‘Daily 100MB Bundle’, along with your usage.

7. How can I check/track my data usage?
To check your data usage you have the below options:

For postpaid users

• SMS ‘rewards’ to 1233
• Go to the landing page on your browser:
• Log on to

For prepaid line, you’ll also receive 3 SMS notifications at:
• 75% of your data usage
• 85% of your data usage
• 100% of your data usage

On prepaid lines, you’ll also receive 3 SMS notifications when you have:

• 100MB balance remaining
• 10MB balance remaining
• 0MB balance remaining

8. If I upgrade my Data Bundle before I finish all my units, how much data will I get for the rest of my bill cycle?
If you upgrade to another Data Bundle you’ll lose the remaining units, but you’ll enjoy the full units of your new bundle.

9. I have a Smartphone offer giving me 1 GB of free data units based on a usage of AED 100. Can I upgrade/downgrade this pack?
If you have a Smartphone offer, you can buy an additional Data Bundle to enjoy a higher data allowance. However a downgrade cannot be made as this is a fixed offer and neither the commitment nor the allowances are flexible.

10. I have multiple Data Bundles (Elite Plan/BlackBerry® service). Which units will be first consumed from my different bundles?

Your usage will be consumed as per the below priority:
• Standalone Daily Bundle
• BlackBerry® Bundle
• Standalone Data Bundle Recurring
• Free bundle given to selected customers only
• Smartphone/Mobile Broadband Bundles
• Implicit Rate Plan Bundle

11. Why am I not allowed to change Data Bundles/rate plans more than once?
We’re in the process of streamlining our Data Bundles and rate plans to serve you better. With this revision, you won’t have to worry about being overcharged for your data usage.

12. Since there are no extra charges for downgrading Data Bundles, why am I not allowed to do this frequently?

This is because you might have used all the data units of your bundle at the time of downgrade and we wouldn’t like to charge you on a pay per use basis which might result in a high bill for that month.

13. What if I am out of coverage and I miss the threshold SMS?
If you’re out of coverage, you’ll get the SMS as soon as your network is working again.

14. I’d like to purchase a new Data Bundle/I’d like to upgrade my Data Bundle, but when I go to the Mobile Data Portal it gives me an out of order message. Why?
If this message appears, the system may be down. Please try again in an hour or so.

Terms and Conditions

1. Data Bundles
1.1. These terms apply to national mobile data bundles available from du (Data Bundles). These terms are in addition to the terms that apply to your mobile plan.
1.2. Data Bundles only apply to use within the United Arab Emirates. Please contact du Customer Care to enquire about our roaming data bundles which may be available when you travel overseas.
1.3. Data Bundles are available in monthly packages of different bandwidths.
1.4. Customers under the following rate plans will be eligible to apply for a Data Bundle(s):
• All Elite plan customers (Elite regular; Elite super plans; Emirati plans; The Diamond plan),
• Monthly plan Data Sim,
• Monthly plan value,
• all Pay As You Go® Pay As You Go®(PAYG) plans (Alo, PAYGO (Pay As You Go® Pay As You Go®2; Pay As You Go® Pay As You Go® Million; Pay As You Go® Pay As You Go® Pioneer, Pay as you Data) and
• Visitor Mobile Line.
1.5. Each Data Bundle has a fixed monthly charge depending on the bandwidth included within the Data Bundle. Each monthly Data Bundle is valid for 1 calendar month from the date of activation.
1.6. For detailed information related to the Data Bundles and the applicable fees, please refer to du’s Frequently Asked Questions on the website,

2. How to activate or de-activate a Data Bundle
2.1. To activate the Data Bundle, you must SMS (free of charge) the key word ‘Data Help’ to the short code 1355. You must then follow the steps in the response SMS to activate/ deactivate.

3. Benefits of Data Bundle(s)
3.1. Avoid bill shock: Customers will not be able to browse the internet when the available bandwidth with the Data Bundle has been reached. You must subscribe to another Data Bundle to resume browsing.
3.2. Easy tracking: Customers can track usage of their Data Bundle by
(i) SMS the keyword ‘reward’ to the Short Code 1233, or
(ii) by accessing the mobile data portal at or
(iii) by visiting du’s website, accessible at the URL:
3.3. Easy Subscription: Upon depletion of a Data Bundle, you will be automatically directed (or sent a SMS with the link) to URL: to allow you to activate a new Data Bundle.
3.4. Daily Data Bundles: A daily Data Bundle is only available for 24 hours from activation and cannot be carried forward. You may buy a daily Data Bundle up to 5 times a day.

4. Handset Plans with existing data packages
4.1. iPhone, Samsung and Nokia: If you have an existing data package with your iPhone, Samsung or Nokia plan, you may subscribe to a Data Bundle on top of your existing data package.
4.2. BlackBerry®: Existing BlackBerry® users will not be able to expand their BlackBerry® service allowance with any of the Data Bundles and their BlackBerry® service will be still consumed from the BlackBerry® service they have subscribed to.

5. Migration from Elite or existing Data Bundles
5.1. Elite Plan: If you request an upgrade or downgrade to your Elite plan, it will be activated during that billing cycle however, any subsequent upgrade or downgrade requests will not be activated until the following billing cycle. Only one request per billing cycle can be activated. Pro-rated monthly charges will apply for Data Bundles if you upgrade or downgrade your Elite Plan but full data units given.
5.2. Other data packages: Customers subscribed to a data package will be able to upgrade to one of the Data Bundles immediately after their first request. Any subsequent requests for upgrade and or downgrade will be activated during the following billing cycle only.
5.3. Except for iPhone, Samsung and Nokia plans as set out in section 3.1 above, if you upgrade or downgrade your existing data package to one of the Data Bundles, you may lose any remaining unused data though full benefits of the new Data Bundle will commence upon its activation.

6. Usage status
6.1. Post paid customers can check their data usage through web self care (available at the URL: or by SMS to 1233. du will also notify you via SMS when your Data Bundle reaches (70%, 85% and 100%) of the total available Data Bundle.
6.2. Prepaid customers can check their data usage through web self care (available at the