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Change to du FAQs

1. How can I change to du? And which documents do I need to bring?
The process to change your network to du while keeping your 050/056 number is quick and easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit one of our shops or authorized partner shops with a valid ID.
  2. Choose from one of our monthly mobile plans (The Smart Plan) or Pay As You Go® and you’ll receive a new du SIM.
  3. Fill in and sign the porting request form.
You can submit your request to change online. Visit our e-shop .We’ll take care of the rest.

2. What documents are required?
Documents you’ll need: The Smart Plan (or other monthly plans):
In addition to the copy of Passport with a valid visa or Emirates ID, only one of the following documents is required:

• UAE credit card.
• Latest utility bill.
• Current tenancy contract.
• Salary certificate.
• Signed and stamped current pay slip.

Pay As You Go®:
· Passport with valid visa or Emirates ID

3. How much will I need to pay?
There is no additional cost involved in changing to du. All you need to pay is the standard activation fee for your Pay As You Go (prepaid) plan. If you decide to select a postpaid plan, you don’t need to pay the activation fee at all.

4. What plan can I chose when changing to du?
You can chose from any of our monthly plans or Pay As You Go regardless of the plan you have been using with your current operator.

5. How soon will my number be moved to du?
You will receive an application success confirmation by SMS on your current SIM and you will be moved to du within two working days after we have received your request. No disconnection will happen to your mobile service during the change process.

6. How can I check the status of my request?
You’ll be regularly updated by SMS on the status of your move. You can also check the status by calling 800 CHANGE (800 242643).

7. Will my current service be interrupted?
We’ll ensure your services are not interrupted during the moving process. During the changing process your current SIM will continue to work. Once you receive an SMS on your current line confirming that your number has been moved to du, simply insert the new du SIM into your phone and start enjoying our services.

8. What do I do if my request to change is rejected by my current provider?
< In case of rejection by your current provider, you will be immediately notified via SMS. We will also contact you within two working days to help you to re-submit the request. Sometimes, it requires visiting the same store you had originally submitted the application at.

9. What do I need to do before I change to du?
For a smooth change, please check the following:

You’ve got the right documents: Make sure all documents you provide are correct and valid, the number you want to move is under your name and the service with your old operator is active at the time of your request submission. If you’re currently a postpaid customer it will be beneficial if you bring your last mobile bill.

Your phone is unlocked: Make sure that your handset is unlocked and can be used on the du network.

Import all contacts to your phone from SIM: make sure your contacts and other important files are saved on your phone, not on the SIM, so that you can access them once your du SIM is activated.

Set a credit limit: if you’ve chosen one of our monthly plans, you can change your monthly credit limit from the first day. Simply speak to one of our representatives.

Pay your outstanding bills with your current operator on time: you can change to du even if you have an outstanding bill with your operator. However, remember to pay all your due bills within the given time otherwise it may lead to service interruption of your new du line.

Use the credit on your current prepaid line: use any remaining credit before you change to du, as the credit will not be transferred with your number.

10. I've changed my mind. Can I move back to my original operator after I have moved?
Yes, you can move back within first 3 working days from the change date or after 30 calendar days from your original changing date.

11. Will I be refunded for the plan I’ve chosen if I decided not to resubmit my request?
If your application got rejected, and you do not wish to resubmit the request, you can ask for an alternate SIM with a new du number (with a prepaid or postpaid plan). If you do not wish to take an alternate number you are free to ask for a refund in no later than 14 days from the date of your request submission. You have to bring the du SIM in an unopened state and the original receipt.
Please note that if you submitted your request at any of our partner outlets (e.g. Axiom, Jumbo, and others) you will get a voucher/credit equal to the amount paid for the du SIM. This voucher can be used to purchase any other product from the store.

12. How many numbers can I move at the same time?
You can submit a request for moving up to 5 personal mobile lines as long as all of them are under your name.

13. What special deals does du offer for new ‘port-in’ customers?
After you have moved to du, you can enjoy any of the available products, services, data bundles, special offers and smartphone offers. Also, at the beginning, you will not have to pay the monthly plan (postpaid) standard activation fee of AED125, it will be free.