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Data Calculator

Get a better idea of your monthly web/data usage: Tell us how you plan to use your phone or Internet device by moving the sliders below.

Estimate your usage


Amount of time spent surfing per day


Number of mails sent per day

Streaming music

Amount of time spent on social networking per day

Number of pictures shared per day

Streaming video

Amount of time spent enjoying movies or music

Connected apps and games

Number of application or files downloaded

How you connect infuences your data usage

Your estimated monthly data usage is 5 GB

Choose a Data Bundle

Type of use  Bundle Name  Bundle allowance
(per month)
Bundle price
(per month)
Type of device
Ultra light Data 80 MB 80 MB AED 20 Normal handset
Light Data 300 MB 300 MB AED 50 Normal handset
Medium Data 1 GB 1 GB AED 100 Smartphone, Tablet
Heavy Data 5 GB 5 GB AED 200 Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop
(Internet key)
Super Heavy Data 25 GB 25 GB AED 500 Laptop (Internet key), Tablet

How to buy Data Bundles

Simply log in to your Selfcareopens in a new window account online or call customer care to activate your bundle and start saving!