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Quick Pay

Quick Pay

Pay your bills online without having to login.

In a hurry? You can now pay your bills online without logging in to your account. Just type in your mobile, landline or account number into the Quick Pay section on Selfcare and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your mobile, account or fixed line number

Step 2: Enter the amount for which you wish to make the payment or select to pay full amount (for account number only)

Step 3: Enter the E-mail and / or mobile number on which you wish to receive the payment confirmation

Step 4: Enter your credit card details and submit

Frequently asked questions

What is Quick Pay?

To save you time, we’ve introduced Quick Pay as a new way for you to pay your mobile / fixed bill payments without having to login to your account.

How can I access Quick Pay?

Simply visit selfcare and you’ll see the Quick Pay option.

Who can use Quick Pay?

All mobile and fixed postpaid customers can make payments using Quick Pay.

I can’t see my due amount when I enter my mobile number to make a payment.

To keep your personal information safe, we don’t display the due amount. However, if you enter your account number, you can see your amount due and make a full payment. We strongly advise you to not disclose your account number to anyone in the interests of protecting your service usage records from being disclosed online.

Alternatively, you can dial 155 from your mobile or 04-3905555 from your landline to check your outstanding balance.

Where can I find my account number?

Your account number is printed on your bill. To see an example, click here

Why do I have to enter my email and mobile number?

To receive a confirmation email and/or SMS of your payment, you need to enter your contact details