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 Problem  Solution
Unable to browse any website
  1. Check the network cable is plugged firmly into both the computer and the wall socket. There should be a light blinking near the cable on the computer side.
  2. Ensure network card is not disabled. To check this go to Start > Settings > Control Panel. Double-click the Network Icon, right-click Local Area Connection and choose Enable.
  3. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet Options > Connection tab > LAN Settings. Ensure that all boxes are unchecked in this window. Click OK for all windows.
Using a laptop at home and in the office
  1. When moving a laptop computer from home to office and vice versa, you will need to change your network and email connectivity settings, regardless of whether you have different profiles set up in Windows.
How to detect your network card
  1. For Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows NT: go to Start > Run > type in ‘cmd’ and click OK. This will open up the Command Screen. Type in ‘ping localhost’. If you have a network card you will get four replies to this address. If there is no reply, then there is no network card.
  2. For Windows 98, Windows 95 or Windows ME; go to ’Start’ > Run > type ‘command’ and click OK. This will open the Command screen. Type in ‘ping localhost’. If you have a network card, you will get four replies to this address. If there is no reply, then there is no network card.


No dial tone 1. Could be a loose connection. Make sure the telephone cable is plugged in firmly and is in the correct wall socket.
2. Telephone set might be faulty. If possible try with a different telephone set.
3. Check that the power in the IT closet is switched ON.
Phone not ringing 1. Make sure the ringer switch is not turned off.
For Caller ID set: This setting is on the left edge of the telephone set (right next to where the cable is plugged in).
For Regular set: Adjust “handset volume” from the right edge of the telephone set.
2. Telephone set might be faulty, if possible try with a different telep
Cannot dial out
Confirm that telephone setting is on “Tone”

For Caller ID set: Press Function button

Press down arrow till you get “Set Dial Mode”
Press “Enter”
Select Tone by pressing down arrow
Press “Enter” again and then “Exit”.
For Regular set:
Check “Dialling Mode” on the right edge of the phone set.
Caller ID display not working 1. Check that the batteries are correctly inserted in the telephone set.
2. Check that the feature is activated.


Problem   Solution
Black screen with no sound or picture
  1. Check that decoder is connected properly
  2. Check that decoder is switched on
  3. Check that the TV is switched on
  4. Check that proper AV input is selected on the TV
  5. Check that the remote control has working batteries
  6. Check that the right remote control mode is selected, Press the TV/du button on the du remote to switch between operating your TV and your du decoder
Only sound, no picture
Ensure that the video cables between the decoder and your TV are properly connected.
Video appears missing or clipped at the edges
Press the Options button on du remote & select appropriate Aspect Ratio. Suggested aspect ratio is is “Normal” or “Stretch”, whichever may look best on your TV.
TV has no audio or audio is low
  1. Check that mute button is not active on your TV or decoder.

  2. Check that the audio cables between the decoder and your TV are properly connected.

Menu screen is not disappearing  Press the ‘exit’ button on the remote control to go to live TV.
Cannot record or play a programme on an external (USB) hard disk Please note that it is not possible to record to or play from an external hard disk.
Unsure whether enough disk space exists to record more programmes The system manages disk space by automatically deleting old recordings. To check available disk space, select Menu>Settings> System Information> System resources. You can see remaining disk capacity (disk usage: x% remaining).
If you want to make sure the important programs are not deleted, then select the specific recording on the Recorded TV menu, and select Keep Until I Erase.
How to lock a channel so that children can’t watch it. To lock a channel, go to Menu>Settings>Parental Control> Parental Locking screen. Select ’change’ on the Channels sub-menu. You are provided with a list of all channels. Select the channel to lock. This channel can now only be seen by entering the Parental PIN.
TV viewing is blocked by a message stating that a client upgrade is in progress The decoder is receiving a new version of its software. This normally takes 15 to 20 minutes. After receiving the software, the decoder will restart automatically and resume showing TV channels.
Some buttons on the remote control are not working These buttons are reserved for future functions.
- Favourites
- Colour buttons: red, green and blue
Please note that pausing live TV & recording related buttons will only work on the du TV+ decoder with personal video recording.