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du View 

Swipe. Select. View!


  • Easy channel flicking with the virtual remote or on-player quick guide.
  • Browse the du “Free View" library.
  • Search and filter through the “Free View” library.
  • Receive notifications and set reminders.
  • Watch selected free to air content without login via “On now” and “Grid guide” view.
  • Share what you're watching with your friends via Facebook.


Non-stop TV shows & Movies

Get access to a selection of free content, premium TV channels, & our "Free View" library.

Enjoy a the smoothest viewing experience & continue watching your movies from where you left off using the bookmark feature.

du View services
du View services

For the entire family

The entire family can enjoy du View with parental settings & a "kids mode" that provides safe content for your children to enjoy.

View your shows anywhere

Now you can enjoy du View on your TV, mobile, tablets, & gaming consoles. You can also set reminders for your favourite shows and create lists of your favourite channels.

du View
du View services

Use "Free View" with My Account

Our Home Services subscribers can enjoy "Free View" at no extra cost, simply login using your "My Account" credintials and enjoy. Charges will apply when using "Free View" on 3G/LTE .

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I watch movies?

du View is currently available to du Home Services subscribers only.
To watch movies, you need to login using your My Account credentials.

2. Why doesn’t the stream start?

Check if you’re connected to the internet.
If you’re on an Android device, check if the app has the necessary access rights activated in the settings menu.
You can also try restarting the app.

3. What do I do if the stream is blocked?

Tap on the back button and restart the stream. You can also try restarting the app.

4. Why aren’t all the channels/videos displayed?

du View offers a selected list of TV channels based on permissions from channel providers.
Also make sure that Kids mode or Favourites is turned off. You should also check that there aren’t any filters active.

5. Why is the remote displayed as inactive?

When channels are grouped by Package/Genre, the remote is displayed as inactive.

6. Why are the search results different when Favourites are turned on?

When you’re in Favourites mode, the search is performed only for programs of channels set as favourites.

7. Why isn’t there a Parental PIN pop-up for a locked channel?

The default Parental PIN is 1111.
Make sure your Parental PIN is activated. If it’s activated, you can set a Parental PIN pop-up for a locked channel.

8. What do I do if I see a Token Expired pop-up?

Log in to du View again.

9. Why do I see this message: “Unable to acquire a concurrency lock on this content” ?

Each user can play a maximum of two streams at the same time on different devices. When this number is exceeded, this message is displayed on your screen.

10. How do I set channels as Favourites?

On mobile, channels can be set as Favourites from the Guide screen by tapping on the channel logo.
On Apple TV, channels can be set as Favourites from the Settings menu, and going to the Favourites screen.