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Managed Messaging

Managed Messaging

Managed Messaging provides a well-rounded solution to all your Short Message Service needs for Mobile Marketing, Business Communications and Organizational Drives.

The Managed Messaging solution is our flexible and cost-effective bulk SMS service which you can use to communicate with your customers and vendors. The service helps enterprises broadcast single or multiple SMS messages to a number of mobile users, whether it’s for advertising, information and alerts or customer service.


Managed Messaging is offered to the end users in the following modes:

  • Push Mode: Pushes SMS notifications to end users upon an event or based on defined regular updates (e.g. weekly account balance, promotional messages).
  • Pull Mode: End users send an SMS to a short code requesting information (e.g. stock market data, account balance inquiry). Enterprises will be able to respond back via SMS.

Key Benefits

  • Faster reach: Send instant messages to customers, employees and partners, wherever they are.
  • Reliability: The service allows customers to respond promptly to changing market conditions keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Flexibility: A Convenient method to leverage your corporate advertisings more effectively, to help boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Effective: Managed Messaging provides an economical and quick way of communicating with the mass market.

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