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Contact Centre Solutions

Solutions designed to provide your business with smart tools so you can give your customers excellent service.

Our Business Contact Centre Solutions are IP-based, providing you with all the convergence benefits associated with voice and data networks in a single common infrastructure, while you reduce maintenance costs. As it is a hosted service, you will not need to purchase or manage on-site equipment and infrastructure. Let us take care of it all for you on our network.


Features and benefits

  • Excellent customer service: You will be able to set up sophisticated call distribution rules to manage your business scenarios and ensure that the calls of your customers are directed to an appropriately skilled agent.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Identify agent status across all your sites and ensures call flow is evenly distributed so that your customer calls are answered at the earliest possible time.
  • Sophisticated call distribution: Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application provides your contact centre with automated front end call management. It allows self-service for your callers by identifying and understanding their requirements at the network level and then distributing the call according to the predefined criteria through touch-tone.
  • Full functionality and flexibility: Create a virtual teaming environment between agents and supervisors. As a supervisor, you can monitor real time Contact Centre status, listen to live conversations and provide coaching verbally or via text to single or multiple agents. As an agent, you have access to call control features, call information and skill group statistics.
  • Cost effective: Sign up only for the services and the number of agents you need. As your business needs change, you can add agents, supervisors and functionality with ease. This allows you to respond to seasonality changes and business volume fluctuations without costly investments.
  • Security and resilience: Business Contact Centre Solutions offer you security and resilience. Automatic or customer controlled network re-routing can also be designed for disaster recovery sites thus ensuring business continuity in the event of a Contact Centre having to evacuate. Also, our IP platform is reliable and designed to be resilient, so that the failure of any single element does not have an impact on overall performance.
  • Support services: Our customer service and network management centres operate around the clock to provide expert back-up and technical support in the event of any service faults, problems or changes. You can be assured that in the unlikely event of an interruption, we aim to restore service as soon as possible. A dedicated team working in our customer care centre is available around the clock to support and manage our du network. They are experts in problem diagnostics and correction, and fully understand your call diversion plans.
  • Expert help available: Through our Professional Services, you can also consult our experts on how to set up or customise your specific contact centre to best meet your business needs, train your staff and implement or change your contact centre configuration.


Contact us

For more information on our Contact Centre solutions and pricing, please email us at and we will contact you.

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