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Managed Audio Conferencing Service

Collaborate without geographical barriers.

Our global audio conferencing solutions gives you a cost-effective, secure and reliable communication solution to connect all of your audiences wherever they are, via a global carrier grade audio and web conferencing infrastructure.

Our conferencing and web meeting platform eliminates the need for any desktop-based software to be installed on your PC and supports a wide range of platforms and browsers.

With our full-featured service at an affordable price, you can connect via audio as well as a web-based conferencing service, with your customers, partners and business colleagues across the world.


Platform features:

• Multiple meeting options: lets you focus on your audio conferencing sessions and webinar, leaving the technological details to us.

• Real-time collaboration tools: we offer on-demand conferencing features including desktop sharing so you can maximise the impact of your presentations.

• Broadcasting and webinar services: address a large audience across the globe using our simplified web broadcast feature.

• Recording content: record the web conferencing session and play the content later, as and when required.

• Access across more than 172 countries: leveraging our global infrastructure to offer access to more than 172 countries via toll/toll-free numbers to the users so they can dial in. Our media players make it easy for participants to join the web conference. You can also join the web conference using your tablet or smart device, by installing our web conference app.

Audio conferencing features:

Global network and access coverage: we offer the global audio bridge and toll/toll-free access numbers across more than 172 countries around the world, so participants can join the conference from a majority of locations.

• Consistent global experience: we make a concerted effort to offer a consistent user experience everywhere you connect.

• Quick conference scheduling and set-up: the interface is simple to use and users can join the call within a few seconds after the first dial-in. We also offer concierge-based set-up, where the call and conferencing options can be managed by operator assistance.

• Carrier grade call quality: we offer the best codecs and protocols to give you the best international call quality, so you can speak to and hear your audiences seamlessly during the conference call, wherever they’re dialing in from around the world.

• Network topology: we offer carrier grade load balancing, dual-provisioning and automated failover mechanisms as well as diversified routing across the backbone network to provide very high uptime.

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