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Vulnerability Assessment and Policy Compliance

Understand your most critical vulnerabilities.

Do you feel that evolving security risks, increased security compliance requirements, rapid growth in mobile workforce and cloud based services are exposing your business to security threats?

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our managed vulnerability and policy compliance service allows you to have an accurate security view of your networks, hosts and web applications, by identifying vulnerabilities, ensuring regulatory compliance and prioritising solutions according to business risks, without infrastructure to deploy or manage.



  • Comprehensive vulnerability scanning
    Provides the ability to deeply assess a variety of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, and network infrastructure devices.
  • Optimise IT spend
    Provides efficient business processes and saves you from costly, unplanned and disruptive activities, as well as increased resource demands which are required to stay on top of latest threats.
  • Protect your reputation and brand value
    Reduce business disruptions and direct loss through detecting, reporting and mitigating attacks against your network.
  • Reliability
    Service guarantees to ensure peace of mind.
  • Improved operational efficiency
    Outsource your security management to a trusted partner and extend your in-house security team.
  • Policy and compliance scanning
    Comply PCI, SOX, Basel II, ISO27001 and ADSIC requirements.


Our managed Vulnerability Assessment and Policy Compliance service powered by Qualys, delivers the following features to meet the needs of today’s businesses:

  • Asset management
    Enables your business to easily identify, categorise and manage large numbers of assets in highly dynamic IT environments, and automates the process of inventory management and hierarchical organisation of IT assets.

  • Vulnerability and policy compliance
    The platform seamlessly scans for threats, and it monitors and assesses configurations to control the risk of an attack.

  • Analytics
    This indexes, searches and correlates petabytes of security and compliance data with other security incidents, and third party security intelligence data. Embedded workflows enable your business to quickly assess risk and access information for solutions, incident analysis and forensic investigations.

  • Reporting and workflow
    A highly configurable reporting engine reports and dashboards based on user roles and access privileges.

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