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Can I secure my organisation’s critical Infrastructure against cyber attacks 24/7?

The answer is yes.

In this digital economy, enterprises are increasingly adopting social, mobility, analytics, cloud and the Internet of Things technologies (IoT) to compete more efficiently and to transform the way they work.

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Security Monitoring and Analytics.

Our Security Monitoring and Analytics Service proactively protects enterprises’ endpoints, applications and infrastructures against cyber attacks.

This service is based on LogRhythm’s next-gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. It qualifies, investigates and prioritises all threats and visualises information to accelerate decision-making and response times. As well as identifying and mitigating internal as well as external threats, the solution helps enterprises with policy enforcement and regulatory compliance.

With around-the-clock security monitoring and analysis, support your digital transformation with a secure and reliable IT environment that gives you greater control across your organisation.


  • Rapid response times 24/7 incident detection enables organisations to rapidly respond to issues and create an immediate response to potential threats.
  • Increased productivity Maximum security for your devices and applications to achieve business objectives.
  • Greater control Dealing with multiple suppliers and architectures makes it difficult to maintain a consistent view of cyber threats at all levels. Our comprehensive platform gives greater transparency into an increasingly complex IT environment.
  • A trusted service Strict Service Level Agreements ensure that you receive the best possible service with clearly defined expectations and outcomes.
  • Expert knowledge Our next-gen SOC is made up of a team of security experts that are dedicated to identifying and mitigating threats every day, all year round using the leading security tools.
  • New efficiency Focus on your core business knowing that you have a team of experts enforcing IT policies and protecting your organisation from security threats.


  • Monitors Network Security Devices, Core Network Equipment and servers, applications and databases using the LogRhythm SIEM platform hosted in the UAE.
  • The service is delivered and managed by a team of experienced du security analysts at our 24/7 Security Operation Centre in the UAE.
  • Our security services have been certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and BS 25999-2:2007.
  • We offer a customisable dashboard with a secure web portal that visualises all prioritised threats and breaches.
  • Our Service Level Agreements are among the strongest in the industry.

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