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Can I protect my hardware, software and data from DDoS attacks?

The answer is yes.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the most menacing and expensive digital threats to businesses today, with the potential to cause serious damage to your brand reputation by crashing or slowing your business’ network, servers and websites. Our Managed DDoS Protection is your steadfast and reliable solution to prevent these attacks. Using a unique combination of hardware, software and managed solutions, DDoS Protection enables your business to respond in real-time while keeping legitimate traffic flowing in to your network. Managed DDoS Protection is available as a value-added service with the Premium Broadband subscription.


  • Optimisation of IT spending
  • 24/7 protection of your business
  • Boosts productivity by enabling quick response to DDoS attacks
  • DDoS experts available to assist you at all times
  • Real-time response to next-generation attacks
  • Maintain brand reputation by reducing business disruptions
  • 100% service availability guaranteed 


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