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Security Consulting

Let our security experts assess your business.

Security challenges are rapidly changing due to a growing mobile workforce, converging technology, industry compliance and the cloud. Companies that fail to address security issues risk impacting their productivity, brand, business relationships and reputation.

Knowing exactly how vulnerable your ICT systems are can be tricky. That’s where our consulting services can help.


Our expert Security Consultants help you maximise ICT security investments and protect your information assets against increasingly complex security breaches and threats, by balancing your risk profile and business needs with security spend.

Our consultants will assess the vulnerability of your ICT security systems, then, depending on your needs, recommend the appropriate strategy, security architecture and an overall solution for your business environment. They’ll also advise on risk mitigation, managing change and ROI. Plus, they can provide ongoing health checks to ensure improvements continue to deliver value.

Our consultants can provide a range of services including:

  •    Framework and strategy
  •    Compliance
  •    Architecture
  •    Lifecycle management
  •    Defining security policies
  •    Assisting in security change requests

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