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Can I be assured of 24/7 connectivity and support? The answer is yes.

Managed WiFi

We understand how important your work is to you, this is why we ensure that you and your employees will remain connected around the clock through our end-to-end managed infrastructure with a tailored WiFi network.

Connect your corporate users seamlessly anywhere across all smartphones, tablets and PCs within the UAE such as airports, banks, hotels, malls and social hubs. You’ll always be on time and online, with Managed WiFi.


Features & Benefits

  • Wireless Infrastructure (access points and controller).
  • Managed Network Control.
  • Bandwidth management system.
  • Wide range of available speeds.

Tailored and flexible

Reduce your network operating costs and the need to invest in expensive infrastructure with our end-to-end managed solution and our network’s latest technology.

Proactive monitoring and management
Enjoy end-to-end provisioning, activation and management of your infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring.

Detailed reporting
Get comprehensive performance reports to identify any issues or concerns and take proactive steps in maintaining optimal performance.

How to subscribe

For more information, contact your account manager or email us at: or fill in your details below to request a callback from one of our dedicated Managed Services’ professionals.

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+97155xxxxxxx or 04xxxxxxx
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If you are an existing du customer, please add your customer code.


  • What will happen after I subscribe to the sevice?

    Our professionals will conduct a site survey which includes a walk-through of your property in order to understand your needs and expectations, and to identify any potential issues to be addressed. A network design will then be proposed based on your requirements.

  • How do you manage the network?

    Within our Central Network Management and Maintenance, your wireless network will become an integral part of our managed network, ensuring that all hardware is monitored 24/7.