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Can I improve my guest services without overrunning on costs?

The answer is yes

Our Managed Guest Internet Service improves guests' service and overall brand experience, while you maintain control over your network and bandwidth for cost-effectiveness and security. Whether you manage an enterprise or you’re in the hospitality sector, we can offer you a guaranteed, measurable and differentiated internet experience.

Ideal for hotels and large enterprises, Bandwidth on Demand lets you decide how much bandwidth to offer your guests, with an easy bandwidth burst option to allocate more for that important VIP conference. You can also offer your guests tailored packages to start enjoying a new source of revenue. And as always, we’ll be there 24/7, year-round to give you any technical support you need. 



  • Effective cost-control
  • Regulate guests’ internet network
  • Improve guest service, drive revenue and differentiate your business
  • Smart, secure and tailored to your brand
  • Easily burst bandwidth to satisfy increased demand
  • Differentiated internet service
  • Increased revenue through tailored packages for guests


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