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Managed Broadband

Can I stay focused on business rather than connectivity? The answer is yes. Managed Broadband takes that worry away with complete end-to-end broadband management with 24/7 technical support.



  • Internet speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Premium customer premises equipment (CPE) options
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Optional security protection features including firewall and DDoS protection


Proactive monitoring and management
We manage and monitor the availability, performance, and condition of the internet connection and your network devices.

Advanced reporting
Greater visibility on the performance of your service allows proactive action to be taken when required. You’ll receive regular reporting and alert notifications, allowing you to track performance.

End-to-end support
Around-the-clock technical support gives you piece of mind in conducting your business over the internet with up to 99.9% service availability.

State-of-the-art broadband network
Mature and superior fiber-optic broadband network currently supporting the business of thousands of enterprise customers in the UAE.

Service Level Agreements
Industry-leading agreements tied to performance metrics ensuring availability, fulfillment and performance to allow you complete confidence in your connection.

Cost-effective and flexible
This fully managed solution takes away the need for you to invest in expensive infrastructure or systems and provides complete transparency on what you’re spending.

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