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Data Pool & Data Bundle

Can I control my data costs while experiencing a secure connection?

The answer is yes.

Our Data Pool & Data Bundle connectivity packages allow you to automate your operations giving you complete control of your systems remotely without human intervention, reducing your cost of operations. A number of industry verticals are embracing this technology and reaping the benefits of consistent and integrated wireless communication.

We offer two connectivity packages:

Data Bundle

Our Data Bundle package provides customers individual SIMs with a pre-assigned data limit dependent on their rate.

Data Pool

Our Data Pool package provides an assigned data limit which can be shared across multiple SIMs.


Improve business efficiency by ensuring a secure and uninterrupted flow of information within your business, while reliability of operations is enhanced and work efficiency is increased. Cost-effective and flexible, enabling a streamlined approach to the logistics of collecting and communicating critical information. State-of-the-art connectivity network supporting the businesses of thousands of enterprise customers in the UAE. Around-the-clock monitoring allowing you to continuously monitor your remote assets and request real-time information required to manage and control your operations.


  • Choice of two high-value data packages to suit your business needs.
  • Private Access Point name allowing seamless connectivity to your devices.
  • Fast, secure, reliable wireless transfer of data over GPRS/EDGE/3G network.
For connectivity and pricing information, please contact your dedicated Account Manager, send your request to or call 800 188.