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Premium Ethernet

Our latest network connectivity solution.

Satisfy your bandwidth-hungry applications with our Premium Ethernet service, quickly and reliably. With point-to-point connectivity through industry standard Ethernet technology, our Premium Ethernet service gives you the scalability to run and share your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), mission-critical voice, video and e-commerce applications.

Switch to Premium Ethernet, if you’re: 

  • Wanting to get away from legacy technologies such as leased lines, ATM and frame relay
  • In search of reliable, easy, and cost-effective connectivity over varied geographical locations
  • Facing the challenge of integrating and sharing your mission-critical corporate applications and need a service provider to manage your end-to-end connectivity



  • Industry standard Ethernet hand-off
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A wide choice of speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to 1 Gbps
  • QOS assurance through proactive monitoring of latency, packet loss and jitter
  • Performance monitoring
  • 24-7 Customer Care and technical support


Experience: We have a diverse business customer base. Small to medium enterprises, large corporations and government organizations in the UAE already benefit from our range of enterprise solutions.

One-stop-shop: We take ownership of the end-to-end provisioning, activation and management of your connectivity. Put simply, we can act as your trusted single point of contact and make sure you benefit from a great customer experience.

Professional services: Our dedicated professional services experts will help you design, implement and manage your network. That means you’ll reduce your costs while staying focused on your core business.

Reliability: We pride ourselves on building a reliable core network infrastructure with built-in redundancy and self healing capabilities.

For connectivity and pricing information, please contact your dedicated account manager or send your request to or call 800 188

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