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Can I distribute content anytime, anywhere, and across any device?

The answer is yes.
Over-The-Top Video Platform

  • Multiscreen Live Encoding.
  • Online Video Platform.
  • Content Delivery Network.

The internet is the major source of content globally, whether it be text, video or audio. When online, viewers expect to watch video anywhere on any device at any time. With more technology, platforms and devices in the hands of consumers, online viewing is rapidly increasing in popularity.

The Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Platform integrates our leading Broadcast and Telecom services to create a world-class media platform that supports non-linear viewing. The platform acts as a critical link between your content and end-users no matter what device, platform or technology they are using.

  • Multiscreen Live Encoding – Encode or transcode and package your content from multiple sources.
  • Online Video Platform – Multiscreen distribution through web environment and apps tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Content Delivery Network – Globally distributed network of servers deployed in multiple data centres delivering the highest quality viewing experience.



  • Fully managed proposition – You’ll have our team of industry experts to ensure the end-to-end seamless distribution of your content.
  • Monetisation of content – As OTT continues to grow, our platform enables you to become a key player in the market. Have all the tools you need to effectively manage demand and monetise your content.
  • Ease of deployment – Rapidly deploy and integrate with your existing broadcast infrastructure with the platform’s smart design.
  • Complete interoperability – With an open architecture, efficiently manage and interface with third-party systems and workflows for complete interoperability.
  • Modular architecture – Easily understand system functions. Its unique breakdown of complex system information creates a clear illustration of typical workflow.
  • Guaranteed high quality – Your content will be supported with high-quality streaming for the highest end-user experience.
  • Extended reach – Gain more audience with full support for a wide range of standard video streaming protocols.



  • A dedicated Content Management System that can easily connect to your systems back-end for a seamless OTT platform experience.
  • We can distribute linear and non-linear advertising through our Content Management System or can integrate via your chosen external advertising platforms.
  • Full support for Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD), Transactional Video on Demand (TVoD), Advertising on Demand (AVoD) monetisation models.
  • We create comprehensive statistics and data reports on your audience’s user behaviour and content usage patterns.
  • Our platform delivers support for SD and HD video encoding using all streaming protocols.


Click here to download the OTT product sheet and see how it can help you distribute your content across multiple devices. (PDF, 3MB).

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