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A quick and efficient platform to manage media assets?

The answer is yes.
Media Asset Management.

  • Encoding Service.
  • Playout Service.
  • Reduced cost.

The Broadcast and Media market is moving faster than ever before. Broadcasters and content owners need to be able to present their media assets without delay.

Our state-of-the-art Media Asset Management (MAM) platform provides you with a central storage location for your complete media asset bank. It is connected to our entire suite of Broadcast service platforms including Satellite, Media Fibre and OTT video solutions for the complete and seamless integration of your produced content.

  • Encoding Service – Compression of live baseband video and embedded audio signals, and Muxing of video channels according to your requirements.
  • Playout Service – Offered as a Basic or Advanced package, this service provides ingesting, manipulation and playing out of Customer’s media content as per schedule.



  • Reduced cost – Having a central location for your digital storage on a single platform removes the need for buying internal servers, storage and internet bandwidth to manage your content.
  • Flexible infrastructure – Supports your business’ changing needs and advancements within the market.
  • Increased efficiency – Provides your business with all the tools you need to easily create and repurpose your media content. With easy access to all of your assets in one central location, production cycles can be sped up enabling a much smoother workflow.
  • Secure location – Our teams of experts monitor and manage the platform’s performance every hour, every day.  
  • Ultimate redundancy – We understand that not being able to access your content can cause workflow redundancies which is why we provide fully redundant paths to ensure that you never experience downtime.
  • Critical visibility – Enables easy optimisation, discovery and utilisation of content.
  • Long-term value – With a central storage location for all of your media your content can be accessed at any time. This allows for recycling of some of your best archived assets.



  • Our platform digitally stores all of your content in order to provide you with a central location to monitor and manage your media assets easily. Storage includes both short and long-term and offline/online capacity that is available all day, every day.
  • Quality no longer has to be compromised through transmission. We offer comprehensive encoding services that perform format conversion, transcoding and recording from multiple industry standard broadcast media files.
  • Full support for SD and HD inputs including compression into a variety of formats for optimal end-user viewing experiences.
  • SD and HD fully managed playout.
  • Manned by expert-teams at our Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Dubai, our platform provides 24/7 quality monitoring of your media assets for 365 days a year.
  • Content ingest is accepted in various formats: spinning disc, flash device, secure FTP Ethernet connection or media fibre connections (SDI over SDH or IP adding downstream events, ASI SPTS or MPTS).
  • A complete advanced graphics overlay enabling you to easily differentiate or brand your content with subtitles, SMS, animations, and more.
  • Highly-available Disaster Recovery Playout services hosted within our industry-leading Media Cloud.


Click here to download the MAM Product sheet and see how it can help you bring efficiency to your business. (PDF, 1MB).

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