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Data management

Your devices might be using more data than you’re aware of. There are some apps that run on data even when you’re not using them. Follow the steps below to save more data.

For Android devices

You have the ability to set a limit on your data usage in your phone settings. You can use this feature to prevent your device from excessive data usage.


  • Monitor how much data you’re consuming by going into 'Settings' → 'Cellular' → 'Cellular data usage'. To reset and keep track of your data usage, go to 'Settings' → select 'Cellular' → 'Reset Statistics’.
  • Disable background app refresh for apps you don’t need regularly by going into 'Settings' → ‘General’ → ‘Background App Refresh’.
  • Disable automatic downloads for the iTunes & App Store by going into 'Settings' → ‘iTunes & App Store’ → Turn off ‘Use Cellular Data’.

The table below will also help you figure out how much data you need for the following activities:

Monthly data requiredSocial networking, Instant messagingBrowsing, EmailPhoto sharing, video streaming, downloading apps Heavy video usageP2P (Movies and Mp3 downloads), FTP (file transfer)

Up to 1 GB
1 - 3 GB

3 - 5 GB

5 - 10 GB

10 - 25 GB

You can also download the du Data Manager app on your mobile phone to track your data usage.