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Our Customers

Mobile communications today form an integral part of peoples’ lives around the world, especially in the UAE where mobile and data usage per resident are some of the highest globally.

In the past 10 years of our operations, we have been at the forefront of bringing innovative and cutting-edge communication products and services to our millions of customers. 

Please click on the tabs below to learn more about our performance in the respective areas.

  • Data privacy and security

    With the regular frequency of high profile security breaches involving financial and private data, it has become imperative for us to continue strengthening the data security services that we provide for all our customers.

    In continuation of our internal security awareness campaign ‘Be Aware, Be Safe’, the TSRM team has launched an online platform that requires full time employees and full time contractors to complete an awareness program as per the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA). In 2015, 28 departments were covered under this campaign. We have also launched a cybersecurity gamification pilot which will be a strategic project for us in the coming years.

    We also extended our expertise in data security via Managed Services solutions for our customers’ businesses. Key services are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection, Secure Web Hosting and Vulnerability Assessment Consulting services. A recent introduction to this portfolio is our Mobile Device Management infrastructure – a regional first allowing business owners to better manage mobile devices, access their corporate network anywhere and protect corporate data.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We have a structured methodology to consider a customer’s needs, from the moment they become aware of our products and services to the process of purchase and onwards throughout their entire interaction with us as their service provider. Continuously improving this methodology is what helps us enhance the experience that we offer to our customers, whether it be at our retail shop, via our call centre or online through our website.

    This strategy has been designed to measure and act upon the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VoC). The creation of VoC tools and insights now provide us with a 360-degree view of customers’ experiences, ultimately leading to more loyal and happier customers. For example, our customers can now book appointments at our retail shops using the du app. Additionally, we have relaunched our self-care website to enhance user experience.


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  • Innovative offerings

    Technology has proven to significantly change the way we live, work and play. In the future, we foresee a hyper-connected society in which smart technologies enable everyone access to unprecedented e-services. Our mandate of driving innovation in the UAE has already seen us lay Smart City foundations early with WiFi UAE, the Middle East’s first working Internet of Things (IoT) network, and pilots on key services like smart parking, smart lighting and smart buildings.

    Smart City

    We are committed to helping the UAE achieve its Smart City ambitions, and we’re already making progress in a number of areas. All of these services will ensure efficiency on cost, as well as reduce environmental and social impact in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Dubai aims to become a Smart City by 2017, and we have planned to finish deployment of our IoT (Internet of Things) network to support this ambition. We also plan to launch the new WiFi UAE mobile app which enables seamless login with additional features including hotspot finder, language preference and offers.

    We successfully tested the first true Internet of Things network (IoT) in the Middle East, a key component of Smart City that will revolutionise how our cities and resources are managed. The network can relay data from sensors countrywide, enabling smarter management of a vast array of city resources such as smart street lighting, waste management, and parking. We have deployed 200 hotspots for WiFi UAE and have witnessed phenomenal usage since our launch in May 2015. For 2016, our plan is to double the number of these hotspots (21 Smart Palms, 100 RTA bus shelters and 10 cultural sites) and expand to other Emirates.

    WiFi UAE

    WiFi UAE is a country-wide initiative to provide WiFi access to the public, in line with UAE Vision 2021. With WiFi UAE, our valued customers can enjoy high speed access to all UAE Government online services. This service is available to all users with a WiFi-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

    WiFi UAE has successfully launched across the UAE, offering free and premium services in major strategic landmarks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Museum, Dubai Heritage, as well as across more than 10 cultural locations including Global Village, Abu Dhabi Mall, Qaryet al Beri, du Forum, du Arena and more. Our solution will be available on selected Smart Plans via selected strategic locations in Dubai. This solution will also be available in over 100 RTA Smart Shelters.

    The next generation 5G mobile network

    With the upcoming needs for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT), operators worldwide are deploying faster LTEs – the current one being 4G – to offer faster access with higher efficiency. In the near future, we anticipate a communications system with even further capabilities, namely a fifth generation (5G) system. Based on the foreseeable traffic trends, we foresee that the 5G network will have a reduced cost and environmental impact. 5G will be able to manage traffic volumes of many orders of magnitude compared to today’s networks. It will also be able to allow more devices to be connected simultaneously to the network in order to support the Internet of Things (IoT). Recently, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) approved our proposal to launch the 5G studies in SG13 which outlines our research on the key requirements for 5G deployment, as well as concerns that telecommunications providers may face with candidate technologies and architectures.

    4G LTE Smartphone

    Partnering with UAE-born mobility brand ‘Four’ and Axiom Telecom, we launched the country’s most affordable 4G LTE enabled smartphone. Available for only AED 299, the Four S500 is the UAE’s most economical 4G LTE smartphone, offering unprecedented value through its advanced software and hardware specifications. The exceptional value presented by the home-grown brand’s first 4G LTE handset is further bolstered by competitively-priced special data plans provided by us.

    Dubai International Holy Qur’an Awards uplink

    Each year during the holy month of Ramadan, we provide a direct uplink to the Dubai International Holy Qur’an Awards (DHIQA) allowing viewers to watch the competition free of charge on their TV, tablet or mobile device. The DIHQA, sponsored by the Dubai Government, is an annual award given to those who successfully memorise and recite the Holy Qur’an, and was established to encourage Muslim youth to spread the Quranic values of peace and love.

  • du Live!

    Our flagship entertainment platforms du Live! and du Tuesday continue to offer a wide variety of experiences for our customers, ranging from music and film, to wellness and more. During the year, our du Tuesday advertising campaigns continued to be recognised by awarding bodies for their creative marketing and corporate communication, establishing us as the most internationally awarded brand from the MENA region.

  • Responsible marketing

    All the product and service information we share through our marketing campaigns has to be in line with the Consumer Protection Regulations of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) which have relevant provisions on truthfulness, substantiation, non-exploitation of consumers (including children) and social, cultural, moral and religious values. In this regard, we keep our communication clear, relevant and direct. Further, we ensure that our customers do not receive any marketing or advertising communications that they have not signed up for.

    All our customers also have the choice to subscribe and unsubscribe from our communications. We are also are not involved in the sale of any banned or disputed products and services.

    During the year, the TRA raised concerns with the marketing communication of two of our campaigns. For each of these, we took necessary actions by amending the campaign to be in compliance with TRA’s regulations. None of our marketing campaigns during the year resulted in fines or penalties by the TRA.

  • Supporting entrepreneurism

    As a telecom operator we provide the backbone for thousands of businesses in the UAE. These include large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions can help

    organisations become more creative, secure and profitable in in every business framework. We believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are key to the UAE and its economic growth as we build towards 2020. In 2015, we introduced solutions with everything a business needs so that our customers can focus on running their business and continuing growth, while we take care of their telecommunications requirements.

    We simplified our existing portfolio of offerings with the introduction of Business Mobile Plan. Details here: Business Mobile Plan

    Our new Business Connect plan provides a range of features and all the benefits of comprehensive telecommunications solutions into one simple solution, with the potential to save SME’s thousands of dirhams annually. Details here: Business Connect  

    Recognising the immense number of tourists who visit the UAE and their need to be connected to the world – via social media or phone – we introduced the Tourist Plan in late 2015. Details here: Tourist Sim  

    We launched our Kabayan Bundle, especially designed for our Filipino customers, offering them exclusive data and voice deals to stay connected with their friends and family both in the UAE and back home. Details here: Kabayan offer