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What it takes

So how does it all work? It's like a big jigsaw puzzle.


Listed below, you will find more information on your structure and what each of our departments and divisions do.

Business Analytics


Business Analytics is accountable for providing the company with quantitative, data-driven decision support. This ranges from standard reports and ad hoc analysis for specific business questions, through to advanced statistical analysis of data and predictive and prescriptive model building (e.g. customer churn prediction).

The key areas of Business Analytics are:


• Business Analytics Solutions: Business Analytics IT applications, ranging from Enterprise Data Warehouse over specific data marts and modelling tools to data visualisation solutions.
• Business Intelligence: standard and ad hoc reports and business analysis.
• Advanced Analytics: advanced statistics, predictive and prescriptive model building.

• Data Governance: end-to-end data quality assurance, meta data and master data management.


If you possess outstanding quantitative skills and know how to extract and analyse data, enjoy working with numbers and can use them to understand and improve our business, you may be the candidate we’re looking for. We’d welcome meeting you to discuss your expertise and experience, with the possibility of joining our team.



The commercial teams are primarily responsible for growing revenue at du.  
This is focused through two key customer segments; consumer and business.  Our teams in commercial are responsible for the 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, placement and promotion), which includes the design and development of end-to-end customer experiences, communication campaigns, the portfolio of products and innovation and all aspects of sales channel strategy and operations, including retail stores.     


The keys areas of Commercial Division are:

•    Consumer Marketing and Sales
•    Business Marketing Sales
•    Product and Customer Experience Design
•    Brand and Communications
•    Business Development
•    Commercial Planning and Pricing
•    Government Affairs


If you’re creative, or have an ambition to sell to customers, or a passion for designing customer products or services, are excited by innovation and new customer experience development or simply love our brand and want to be part of its future – the commercial division could be right for you.


Corporate Affairs


Corporate Affairs is responsible for setting the overall direction of the business, managing the execution of large scale company-wide projects to ensure long term success and growing our product portfolio.
 Corporate Affairs provides the support services crucial for du in creating exceptional products and customer experiences.


The keys areas of Corporate Affairs are:

•    International Carrier Relations
•    National Wholesale
•    Corporate Strategy and Planning
•    Legal and Regulatory

If you have a capacity for analysis, decision making and creating and delivering workable solutions, we’d like to meet you.  Along with drive, resilience and confidence, your ability to develop positive relationships and communicate at all levels is equally important.   


Digital Business


Digital Business includes innovation and digital services that will drive future revenue growth for the company. The team provides thought leadership and industry insights and develops digital strategies and new service capabilities.

The key areas are:

•         Innovation
•         Country-level Digital Initiatives e.g. relating to Smart Government/Smart City, Health, Financial Services
•         Consumer Digital Services e.g. Smart Home
•         Enterprise Digital Services e.g. M2M and Cloud applications
Also within Digital Business, we have a team dedicated to the Digital Experience – i.e. how our customers experience the online and mobile channels we offer.


The key areas within Digital Experience are:


•         Digital UX and website design
•         eMarketing
•         eSales

•         eCare


We are looking for early adopters, those can spot trends before they become news. Not only people with great vision, but also the ability to articulate that vision to others and work with them to make the vision reality. If you believe yourself to be an expert in the field of digital services, have proven expertise in creating, managing and operating digital services and consider yourself as a thought leader in all things digital, then we’d like to hear from you.



Finance is responsible for ensuring appropriate policies and procedures for a robust and optimal control environment within the company; providing the business support for effective decision making, management of the company’s finances, treasury, production and reporting of the company’s financial statements.
The keys areas of Finance are:
Finance Operations:
•    Financial Reporting
•    Accounts Payable
•    Account Receivable
•    Credit Control
•    Fixed Asset and Inventory
•    Revenue Assurance
•    Billing and Settlements
Financial Planning and Controlling:
•    Planning, Budgeting and Investment
•    Management Reporting
•    Financial Controlling (Operations)
•    Financial Controlling (Commercial)
Corporate Treasury
If you have a passion for numbers, strong analytical skills, an eye for detail and want to work in a progressive and dynamic environment, we’d like to meet you.

Human Resources and Organizational Development

Human Resources is responsible for looking after the most important asset at du, our people. The division helps them develop new skills and supporting them throughout their careers. From benefits to training, communications to employee relations, HR keeps our employees engaged so that we can continue to create exceptional products and customer experiences.
If you’re an insightful person with great people skills and a talent for negotiation, you may be exactly who we’re looking for. Come share your expertise in human resources management, talent acquisition, training and development and compensation & benefits.

The functions that make up this division:
•  Human Resources Business Support
•  Compensation and Benefits
•  Employee Wellness
•  Human Resources Employee Services
•  Learning and Development
•  National Development
•  Talent Acquisition
•  Talent Management

Internal Control

Internal Control (IC) is the central independent team, reporting to the Audit Committee, which is tasked to internally review all critical functions, conduct risk-based audits, provide value-adding recommendations, evaluate compliance both from external regulators (TRA) and internal policy perspective, and be the driving force for all forensic activities within the company.  
The keys areas Internal Control are:
•    Financial Audit
•    Operational Audit
•    Technology Audit
•    Forensic
•    Compliance
If you think outside the square, are passionate about improving controls, have a talent for identifying potential gaps and an eye for details, then we’d like to meet you. Share your expertise to improve du’s control environment, mitigate potential risks and add value to our company.


Customer Operations is responsible for improving and simplifying end-to-end operations while optimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
The department helps deliver an integrated customer experience; improving customer loyalty and satisfaction with a parallel focus on lowering costs.
The key areas of Customer Operations are:
•    Product Engineering
•    Customer Operations
•    Technology Security and Risk Management
•    Network Development and Operations
•    Operations Planning and Support
•    Information Technology

If you enjoy analysis and problem-solving using cutting-edge technology, we’re interested in talking to you about your skills and experience.